Chris Chan's Sonichu Medallion Curse

Chris Chan's Sonichu Medallion Curse

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Chris-Chan's Sonichu Medallion Curse, or the Sonichu Curse, refers to a series of memes claiming that people, particularly content creators, who are gifted and wear Sonichu replica medallions, based on the medallion Chris-Chan wears, are cursed to have their lives or careers fall apart. Memes about the curse first started spreading as early as February 2024, but were popularized as a meme that May surrounding the arrest of Nick Rekieta, inspiring memes and posts about how he succumbed to the curse. The memes were also targeted at YouTuber iDubbbz, who wore a gifted Sonichu medallion in a 2015 unboxing video.


It's unclear when exactly the Snichu medallion curse first became the subject of memes. The earliest known mention of the curse was posted by X[10] user @SpreeUlaid on February 21st, 2024,, who wrote in response to an image of Nick Rekieta seemingly drunk, "The sonichu curse is real. Just ask keffals" (shown below).

D--- Bizkit ✔ @DickMolesterson - Feb 21 "An Internet Lawyer's Descent" by Norman Rockwell 1722 Spree - not a birdapp anymore @SpreeUlaid The sonichu curse is real. Just ask keffals. Norman Rockmel 137 ill 4.3K 1

The post makes reference to YouTuber and lawyer Nick Rekieta, who throughout early 2024, started to show signs of intoxication on his streams, raising concerns from viewers.

Months earlier on October 14th, 2023, Rekieta hosted a stream on Rumble[2] in which he tells a story about how he received a mysterious package containing a cryptic note and what appears to be a replica of Chris-Chan's Sonichu medallion. During the stream, he puts on the medallion (shown below, reupload to YouTube).[3]


On April 21st, 2024, YouTuber[11] Ashton's Moobs posted a video titled "Proof of the SONICHU Curse – Nick Rekieta," compiling clips of Rekieta putting on the medallion, footage of him purportedly drunk and footage of Chris-Chan, garnering over 1,200 views in a month (shown below).

On May 22nd, 2024, X[1] user @FolderBloat posted a tinfoil hat Pepe meme, writing, "so just to get this straight… someone mailed Rekieta one of Chris-chan's real Sonichu medallions, with a letter saying "a new host has been chosen." Nick put on the medallion. Nick then became an alchoholic drug addict," garnering over 10,000 likes in two days (shown below). This is the earliest known post suggesting the medallion was cursed.

FolderBloat @FolderBloat so just to get this straight... someone mailed Rekieta one of Chris-chan's real Sonichu medallions, with a letter saying "a new host has been chosen" Nick put on the medallion. Nick then became an alchoholic drug addict who goes to s and rambles about cheese pizza. bars 10:48 PM - May 22, 2024 293K Views

Memes about the so-called "Sonichu medallion curse" became increasingly popular over the following days, leading up to Rekieta's arrest. On May 23rd, 2024, hours before his arrest was made public, X[4] user @ChrisBoresIG, known best for his Irate Gamer YouTube persona but now working as a ghost behaviorist, posted a video about the medallion theory, offering some support for the theory that it was cursed, garnering over 900 likes in a day (shown below).

Later that day, following Rekieta's arrest, X[5] user @KalebPrime posted a Better Call Saul meme about the curse that garnered over 1,100 likes in a day (shown below, left). Minutes later, X[6] user @gwenrob9 posted a meme about the curse, garnering over 3,900 likes in the same span of time (shown below, right).

Kaleb @KalebPrime "Your honor, it wasn't my client's fault - he was under the influence of Magi-Chan through the Sonichu medallion." 7:08 PM. May 23, 2024 17.7K Views Robby BopBop @gwenrob9 If this was a movie, right now the camera would slowly pan up to the Sonichu medallion resting on Nick's living room table while tribal bongo drums fade in louder and louder.

Social media users soon began linking the medallion curse to YouTuber iDubbbz, who saw a decrease in YouTube viewership and online support in general starting in 2023 after he posted a viral apology video where he apologized for what he called "hurtful" videos he made in the past and deleted some of his back catalog.

Years prior, on November 26th, 2015, iDubbbz posted a video to YouTube[7] where he unboxes fan mail. In one of the boxes is a replica Sonichu medallion, which he wears for the video, which garnered over 9 million views in nine years (shown below).

On May 24th, X[8] user @_rawrell posted an image macro about the curse, writing, "First idubbbz and now Rekieta, the Sonichu curse is real," garnering over 1,000 likes in under a day (shown below, left). On the same day, X[9] user @ChristheNarc made a post about the two YouTubers and the curse, garnering over 1,000 likes in under a day (shown below, right).

Rawrell @_rawrell First idubbbz and now Rekieta, the Sonichu curse is real E-celebs moments after receiving a Sonichu medallion ChristheNarc @ChristheNarc OK STOP THIS CHRIS CHAN CURSE IS F------ REAL. DONT BUY THE MEDALLIONS a Law omfoolery 2:18 PM - May 24, 2024 - 10.3K Views

That day, Chris Bores posted another video about the cursed medallion to X,[12] this time explaining the paranormal science behind the curse in detail, garnering over 200 likes in a few hours (shown below).

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Manlet Thorin @ManletThorin Warski, PPP, and what remains of Nick on the way to Los Angeles to destroy the Sonichu medallion in Dax's oven 10:00 AM - May 24, 2024 3,297 Views Manlet Thorin @ManletThorin "And we wept, Precious. We wept to be so alone. And we forgot the taste of bread, the sound of trees, the softness of the wind." 2:09 PM - May 16, 2024 20.6K Views アムロ・レイ @Amuro_returns We're currently living in a timeline where the irate gamer is discussing the type of curse Nick Rekieta has since putting on the Sonichu medallion. Yeah I'm thinking we might be back. a Law omfoolery 6:54 PM - May 23, 2024 - 85.4K Views

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