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Nintendo Competitive Rules Controversy

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Nintendo smash ultimate deserve smash as a franchise.
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Nintendo smash ultimate deserve smash as a franchise.


Nintendo Competitive Rules Controversy refers to the fallout from Nintendo releasing rules for hosting competitive tournaments for its games, causing much frustration and anxiety among the Super Smash Brothers community. Rules laid out by Nintendo include a limit on the sizes of events, a limit on the sizes of prize pools, and forbidding the sale of food and drink at a tournament. However, some suggested the anxiety was overblown, as the rules apply to "non-profit" tournaments, and many of the established tournament series would be unaffected, particularly as reports came in that Nintendo was replying to license applications relatively quickly.


On October 24th, 2023, Nintendo released guidelines in Japan, the UK, and North America[1] over the course of several hours that strictly limited what people could do with regards to organizing competitive tournaments of Nintendo games, such as Super Smash Brothers, Splatoon,, etc. Key restrictions in the guidelines include limiting the number of attendees of an event to 200 people unless there is express consent given by Nintendo, limiting prize pools to $5,000, forbidding sponsors, and forbidding the sale of food and beverages. Bigger tournaments would need to gain a license from Nintendo to operate.


Many harshly criticized the new rules laid out by Nintendo, fearing that, if enforced, they would kill the competitive scenes in games like Smash, Splatoon, Mario Kart, etc. Top Super Smash Bros. Melee player Armada[2] criticized the guidelines, saying Nintendo was like "a 5-year-old screaming for attention," gaining over 180 retweets and 2,000 likes on one day. Melee player Cody[3] posted similar criticism, calling the guidelines "tonedeaf," gaining over 50 retweets and 1,400 likes in the same time frame (shown below).

Adam Lindgren @ArmadaUGS Seems like an approval is needed if you intend to go pass 200 entrance for tournaments in Japan.... here we go again. F--- Nintendo, they are like a 5 year old screaming for attention at all times when it comes to competitive Smash. Gyromight #Eighth Port @SSBGyromight · Oct 24 Nintendo posted new guidelines for JPN Smash tournaments tonight. Highlights: - Limits size of reg fees to 2000YEN ($13USD) - Limits offline tournament size to 200 entrants or less ... Show more : 9:53 AM Oct 24, 2023 Cody Schwab @iBDWSSBM Nintendo's guidelines are obviously tone deaf as f--- at best and outright malicious at worse : I just REALLY don't expect them to hold up or to be fully enforced in NA, even if we get guidelines Seems way too impractical, but I could just be too optimistic 11:33 AM Oct 24, 2023

Hungrybox streamed that day and discussed the changes, joking that the Smash community should form a church to use the privileges that come with being a religious organization in order to skirt Nintendo's rules.

Montana state representative Zooey Zephyr[4] chimed in on the controversy, harshly criticizing Nintendo for attempting to impose rules on consumers who purchased their product, comparing it to Bicycle playing cards enforcing rules about how to play poker.

Rep. Zooey Zephyr @ZoAndBehold .@Nintendo made list of "rules" for tournaments using their games. Zephyr Imagine Bicycle Playing Cards insisting your home poker games be played a certain way or they'll sue you. Ridiculous. Customers have every right to use these products how they see fit. 8:10 PM Oct 24, 2023

After a wave of gloom from the competitive Smash community surrounding the guidelines, there was some optimism that the guidelines may not be as harsh as initially thought. This was buoyed by the news that Japanese Smash regional Sumabato was able to quickly obtain a license from Nintendo to run ten tournaments (shown below, left).[5] User @Jebailey[6] expressed that guidelines may simply make it easier to get a license for a tournament, particularly if the tournament is already established (shown below, right).

CO Rosebloom = she/her & @WeNeed2BanSonic SOON のじんこ @nojinko_ike5h Port Priority 8 Barely a day after the new guidelines, and Japan's biggest regional Sumabato has acquired Nintendo rights to run their tournaments for the next 10 iterations! This bodes incredibly well for acquiring rights in the US, and means that most majors can likely continue running events! 6:25 AM Oct 25, 2023 : 先ほど任天堂公式より メールにてスマバトとして大会開催を許諾いただきましたことをお知らせしま す。10回分申請しましたので今後の開催に支障はないと思います。 ご心配おかけしました。 これから大変と思いますが何卒よろしくお願い致します。 Show more CHAM Alex Jebailey @Jebailey : I know the Smash community is up in a flux right now but I'm working on a statement from my own mouth on working with Nintendo in the past, receiving many event licenses and how to navigate everything happening. For now read all the guidelines released on the US website INCLUDING the Q&A at the bottom. I'd wait to see their application process in early November, I'm confident all established events are fine and now have an easier avenue to apply for licensing: Last edited 5:01 PM Oct 24, 2023

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