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On August 17th, 2013, approximately 80,000 concertgoers attended Eminem's concert performance in the small village of Slane, Ireland. During the course of the show, two photographs of a teenage girl giving oral sex in public were taken by an anonymous bystander and uploaded online.

Notable Developments

In the following 48 hours, the graphic photographs were reportedly shared hundreds of times across various social networking sites as well as news communities like Reddit and 4chan, ultimately resulting in the full disclosure of the teenager's full name and age in the process.

Meanwhile, #slanegirl became a trending topic on Twitter and spread across Facebook and Tumblr, though many of them were subsequently taken down, including the infamous slut-shaming Facebook page Sickipedia.

Tweets per day: slanegirl July 20th-August 19th 900 800 700 600 500 400 300 200 100 7/22 28 Bu 8/14 wALTICS BY TOPSY slanegirl 973

Inevitably, online mockeries and shaming of the girl depicted in the image soon prompted outraged responses, culminating in a heated debate on sexual cyberbullying and gender bias.

News Media Coverage

The story was reported on by numerous Irish news outlets, including the Irish Examiner[10], Independent[4] and The Sun[11], as well as the internet news sites The Daily Dot[6], Digital Spy[7] and Motherboard.[5]

Police Investigation

By August 19th, the Irish Garda police announced that a major investigation has been launched into the case[4], though officials refused to release any more details for privacy reasons. Following the announcement of the investigation, including the fact that the girl in question is underage, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram began to delete the explicit images on their sites, and ban accounts that had posted the images.[12]

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