Extreme Comebacks

Extreme Comebacks

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This is a two-panel comic wherein the first panel contains a famous catchphrase, followed by another character responding with a very long, unexpectedly vile and negative retort, as if he has had enough of the first character. The second panel is usually completely covered with text. Although most of the comics are based on cartoon characters, some are even based on real-life catchphrases. This meme is a branch of the infamous Wall of Text found in numerous webcomics and blog entries.


The first known instance of this meme was uploaded by user mrandmrspanda in July 3, 2011, which can be viewed here.


Since its start, the meme has been used across various sites, such as 4chan, Youtube, etc. Most images use the Navy Seal Copypasta.

Notable Examples

FERB I KNOW.WHAT WE'RE GONNA DO TODAY YEAH, TM SURE YOU DO, YOU TRIANGLE-HEADED C---, MAYBEIWANTED TODECIDE WHAT WE DO TODAY DID YOU EVERTHINKOF THATA NO,YOU NEVER THINKABOUTWHATIWANT, YOU F------ BITCH.WE HAVETHEFUNDSTO PREVENT NATUAL DISASTERS AND CURE CANCER, BUT NO, YOUD RATHER FUCKAROUND AND BUILD ROLLERCOASTERS AND S--- SOMEDAY WILLEND YOUR PATHETIC LIFEJUST YOU F------ SEE VemeCenler O bey ijust got my drivers cens hey im getting ine ne ha i doubt it What the f--- did you just f------ say about me, you little bitch? Ill have you know I graduated top of myclass in the Navy Seals, and I've been involved in numerous secret raids on AlQuaeda, andi have over gorilla warfare and mtne foo sriperin the en forces. You are nothngt firmed ills am trained in rmed never beensee You think you can g Internet? Think age secret network traced right nowso The storm that life. You're fücking deed ca, Ran aRyere, anytime, andi can kill you in ov my bare hands. Not oniy a combat, but t have access to the entire arsenalof the United States Marine Coosand I will use it to its full extent to wpe your miserable ass off the face of the cortinent, you little s--- If only you could have nownw little dlever comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe youw couldn't, youdidn't, and nowyou're paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I wil s--- fury aff overyou and youwil drown in it. You're f------ dead, kiddo my ucking et sntto me overthe 5. spe k lam contacting my yourIP is being th youcallyour ays that's just with retribution your ave held your f------ tongue. But you Double D Ed, F--- you. F--- you in the eyes and f--- you in every hole you have, you f------ putrid piece of horse s---. I hope you die in a f------ fire, you lummox of a human being, and I quite frankly have always hated you even more than Eddy. F------ EDDY. I wish you would just off yourself with the largest gun you can find and shoot yourself in the god damn ears you twatpickle You're not even helpful on any scam I take twelve god damn hours to make, you're just detrimental. How the hell have you not gotten yourself killed, you faggotniggerdickschlongaholic. When Kevin calls us dorks, he's talking about you. Not us, all we do is f------ work our god damn asses off and you just j------- all over all we work for. You'll never get a job when you grow up and I have no idea what the school is doing for you. You probably just s--- yourself in the back of the classroom and pick your god damn nose with a screwdriver. Remember when you got that ship in a bottle stuck on your finger? Well next time it'll be your d---, and no one will want to help you. Do you even floss? I've never known anyone to look at chicken p----------. I doubt that's even legal where we live. You're a c----ass d------- and no one in the culdesac even likes you. Not even Plank. F--- you 14 minutes ago Ed 13 minutes ago stinky hat Mom! and ferbare yourbitchass Alwaystalking bout thev doingshit sothefuckwhat Get offthevdicks damn bitchasnitchnigga Thatsithat s--- Idont like hoelikerforreal sucking thatnigga Jeremy dickinthecut Withiyourlong assineck stfudamn Candace shut thefuckupwith Probablybe

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