Få på noe Roc Boyz før jeg blir voldelig

Få på noe Roc Boyz før jeg blir voldelig

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About and Origin

"Få på noe Roc Boyz før jeg blir voldelig" is a norwegian catchphrase/saying created in September of 2022. The saying originates from the Social Event Comittee "Arrkom" of the student organization "Online" at NTNU, and is most often used when a party is dead, or the music isn't slapping, and you want your party to become goated. It's origin is from an anonymous member of "Arrkom" at NTNU who drunkenly stated "få på noe Roc Boyz før jeg blir voldelig og drar til noen". It was later shortened to the more well-known "få på noe Roc Boyz før jeg blir voldelig". At the time of origin, the meme mostly regarded the popular Norwegian boy-band "Roc Boyz" and their provacative, unapologetic music such as Creem and Bonanza feat. Greekazo. The meme was centered around the question "What is one Roc Boy", and then later adapted into the existing phrase. The phrase spread by word of mouth throughout the NTNU university in Trondheim, Norway, and later became a focal point for the front page of a news article for the student organization "TIHLDE" at NTNU[1].


The spread of the meme was predominantly done by word of mouth since it is a saying. However, the Roc Boyz instagram page shared an unknown instagram user's story on their instagram page on the 14th of November, 2022 of an anonymous person holding up a phone with the catchphrase. Furthermore, the student organization TIHLDE used the catchphrase as a header for a news article on their website.

[1] https://s.tihlde.org/n/138/

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