Food Processing Plants Fires Conspiracy Theory depicting an image of a burning building with a firefighter spraying water.

Food Processing Plants Fires Conspiracy Theory

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Food Processing Plants Fires Conspiracy Theory is a conspiracy claiming that the streak of fires at food processing facilities that started in September 2021 is not a coincidence but rather a deliberate plot to cause food shortage in the United States. The theory found a reflection in memes spread across social media starting in late April 2022 going into the following months.


On April 19th, 2022, Twitter[1] user @julieanngirly tweeted about a fire that destroyed the headquarters of Azure Standard[2] located in Dufur, Oregon, which happened less than a week after a fire destroyed a Taylor Farms facility in Salinas, California on April 14th.[3] The tweet (shown below, left) gained over 240 retweets and 340 likes in roughly two months.

On April 20th, 2022, Twitter[4] user @GraduatedBen tweeted, "Several very large food processing plants in the US have blown up/burned down in the past few days," linking a February article about an explosion that destroyed a Shearer's Foods facility in Hermiston, Oregon.[5] The tweet (shown below, center) gained over 10,300 retweets and 14,600 likes in two months. On the same day, Twitter[6] user @DylanRMarshall replied with a collage of 18 headlines about fires at food processing plants and other facilities dating between September 2021 and April 2022 (shown below, right).

Julieanna @julieanngirly Apr 19 Another fire/explosion at another food processing/distribution center in the USA.A few days ago it was Taylor Farms in Salinas, CA. . Just now it was reported that Azure Standard in Dufur, Oregon has burned up. These food processing plants are mysteriously combusting. 68 283 341 ↑ ... Julieanna @julieanngirly Has any other country have a mysterious fire/explosion happening at their food processing/distribution centers? I know a fertilizer plant in North Carolina exploded in February 2022. •. I am beginning to see a trend here. Anyone else see it? 8:49 PM Apr 19, 2022. Twitter for iPhone Dr. Benjamin Braddock @Graduated Ben Several very large food processing plants in the US have blown up/burned down in the past few days 7 injured in explosion as fire engulfs food plant; smoke visible for miles A blast at a food manufacturing facility in eastern Oregon sent workers to the hospital and officials worried about its community impact. 2:48 PM Apr 20, 2022 · Twitter for iPhone . Photos: Bonanza Meat Co. building fire on Paisano Drive near Cattle rescued after fire destroys meat market Downtown El Paso This is the second time that East Conway Beef & Pork has burned Share f WMTW Updated: 5:41 AM EDT Apr 13, 2022 20 PHOTOS 10:41 a.m. MST Feb. 15, 2022 LACKAWANNA COUNTY Large fire at Tyson poultry meal plant in Hanceville, Alabama Fire erupts at meat processing Share % facility in Lackawanna County WVTM13 Updated: 4:19 PM CDT Jul 31, 2021 The fire broke out around 5:30 p.m. at the Maid-Rite Steak Company Fire shuts down Hot Pockets plant in Jonesboro meat processing plant. Author: WNEP Web Staff, Marshall Keely (WNEP) BY Max Brantley ON March 17, 2022 2:09 pm 2 Comments Published: 6:38 PM EST November 29, 2021 Updated: 11:07 PM EST November 29, 2021 Crews battle major fire at Cobb Wisconsin River Meats says portion of Mauston plant a total loss after fire County meat company Posted: February 3, 2022 8:27 AM by Jaymes Langrehr By FOX 5 Digital Team | Published August 24, 2021 Austell FCK 5 Atlanta FIRE SHUTS DOWN NEBRASKA Fire destroys Deli Star meat plant in St. Clair County JBS BEEF PLANT By Kim Bell St. Louis Post-Dispatch Jan 12, 2021 Updated Feb 22, 2022 Filed Under: Beef, Human Interest, News September 13, 2021 y Meghan Grebner Today at 4:02 PM #1 Azure HQ Destroyed by Fire, No Injuries SEVERAL AREA DEPARTMENTS RESPOND TO FIRE AT SMITHFIELD FOODS The headquarters of Azure Standard, the nation's premier independent distributor of organic and healthy food, was destroyed by fire overnight. There were no injuries. The cause of the fire is unknown and under investigation. The loss of the facility and the impact on company-wide operations is being assessed and expected to be limited and temporary. No other Azure Standard facilities were affected. APRIL 30, 2021 LOCAL NEWS | Massive fire at Salinas food processing plant contained, evacuations lifted Explosion Causes Fire At Oregon Potato Chip Plant By Zach Fuentes FEB 23, 2022 @ 11:46AM Thursday, April 14, 2022 6:02PM SAN ANTONIO NEWS Fire Causes Over $100,000 In Damages At San Antonio Food Processing Plant DON MORGAN DEC 13, 2021@ 5:40AM FIRE RAVAGES MCCRUM POTATO PROCESSING PLANT IN BELFAST, MAINE Mark Shaw Published: March 24, 2022 Photo: Camden Fire & Rescue Multiple alarm fire at food processing operation on Hamilton Mountain By Don Mitchell Global News Posted January 7, 2022 11:08 am Louis Dreyfus reports fire at largest US soybean, biodiesel plant 16 Feb 2022 Mark Shenk Louis Dreyfus Company (LDC) on Wednesday said that a fire broke out Tuesday at its Claypool facility in Indiana, which is the largest integrated soybean processing and biodiesel plant in the US... Memphis Fire Department responds to 3rd alarm fire at Kellogg's Company By News Staff July 25, 2021 at 8:39 pm CDT Explosion and Fire Reported at Cargill- Nutrena Feed Mill Local news broadcaster KALB said the blaze at the Lecompte, LA facility burned for 12 hours on Thursday. John S. Forrester Jan 14, 2022


On April 21st, 2022, Twitter[7] user @WallStreetSilv tweeted the collage, writing, "18 U.S. food processing facilities burned down in the last six months. Azure Standard's HQ burned down yesterday." The tweet gained over 11,500 retweets and 21,700 likes prior to being deleted.

Later on that same day, Twitter[8][9] users @cbcool2532 and @jasonrantz both posted a clip of Fox News covering a story of a small plane crashing into a parking lot of a General Mills plane. The April 21st report explicitly stated that the plane crashed into the factory rather than a parking lot, and recounted several recent industrial incidents at food processing plants. The clips gained over 560,000 views and 139,000 views in two months, respectively (@cbcool2532's upload shown below). Twitter[10] user @maga935 tweeted about the crash later that day, writing, "food processors being destroyed everywhere," with the tweet gaining over 5,100 retweets and 13,300 likes in a similar timeframe.

Also on April 21st, The Free Thought Project[11] and Timcast[12] posted articles about fires at food processing plants, with Timcast recounting "at least 16 fires at food processing plants" since a fire closed a Tyson Foods meat processing plant in Kansas in 2019.

On April 22nd, Facebook[13] page The Bad Roman posted the earliest found meme referencing the conspiracy, which implied that the Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard trial was a distraction, using a Bending Streetlight meme that gained over 190 reactions and 22,000 shares in two months (shown below, left). On April 24th, Twitter[14] user @OrwellNGoode reposted the image, with the post gaining over 14,500 retweets and 145,600 likes in a similar timeframe. On April 26th, the Instagram[15] page thelibertarianhomeschooler posted a similar object-labeling meme that gained over 4,800 likes in a month and a half (authorship unconfirmed; shown below, right). On April 27th, @OrwellNGoode made a repost[16] that gained over 1,800 retweets and 19,200 likes in a similar amount of time.


On April 25th and 27th, fact-checking organizations Snopes[17] and Logically[18] reviewed the conspiracy theory, with both rating it as false, and Logically describing it as a part of the larger Great Reset conspiracy.

In June 2022, the conspiracy theory received a significant surge in virality after on May 28th, 2022, a fire destroyed a Forsman Farms' barn that housed tens of thousands of chickens.[19] In the days following the report, an increased number of posts and memes about the conspiracy were posted on Twitter,[20] iFunny,[21] 4chan[22] and other sites. For example, on June 4th, Twitter user @BeeMatney made a tweet claiming that the facility was "mysteriously torched" and that it was the 19th time that happened in 2022.

Various Examples

Bee Matne @BeeMatney In case you're not paying attention I'll help you out: This is one of the largest egg farms in the country. Mysteriously torched That's food factory #19 in 2022. 9:23 AM Jun 4, 2022. Twitter for Android : Bee Matne Babamey In case you're not paying attention I'll help you out Farm burnings Anonymous [313 / 66 / 207] ID: QH63/r2c Mon 06 Jun 2022 02:53:29 No.381169206 This is one of the largest egg farms in the country. Mysteriously torched That's food factory #19 in 2022. View Reply Original Report Quoted By: >>381169473 >>381169481 >>381169496 >>381170298 >>381170479 >>381170972 >>381171017 >>381171244 >>381171492 >>381172820 >>381172999 >>381173252 >>381173308 >>381173910 >>381173924 >>381174899 >>381175997 >>381176313 >>381176355 >>381176605 >>381176959 >>381177507 >>381178197 >>381178439 >>381178531 >>381178694 >>381178891 >>381181167 >>381181665 >>381181705 >>381185323 >>381185383 >>381185393 >>381187664 >>381187824 >>381187966 >>381188186 >>381188248 >>381188584 >>381188821 >>381189360 >>381189630 >>381189735 >>381189889 >>381189918 >>381189930 >>381189981 >>381190317 >>381190498 >>381191632 >>381192301 >>381192659 >>381192763 >>381192947 >>381193114 >>381194138 >>381194437 >>381194540 >>381194876 >>381195214 >>381195515 >>381195527 >>381195578 >>381195750 >>381195965 >>381196277 >>381197258 >>381198071 >>381198157 >>381200896 >>381201550 >>381201756 >>381201909 >>381203270 >>381204267 >>381204572 >>381205513 >>381205601 >>381205947 11:23 AM 04 Aon 22 Twitter for Andr 774KiB, 983x1326, 165449829416709628.png View Same Google iqdb SauceNAO Trace What the f--- is going on? Food processing plants after Joe Biden said to expect food shortages
Dave: "Thanks for picking up my shift" Steve: "I needed the hours, this economy is cra-" 50 pounds of thermite underneath the food processing plant: ADdreaming 2 They don't know food processing plants are burning down at an alarming rate all over the world :71 Me reading about yet another food processing plant burning to the ground People celebrating Elon Musk buying Twitter

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Whoever comes up with this shit be like "Occam's Razor is a conspiracy to delude you away from the truth! It's not that they're catching fire due to being poorly managed unsafe shitholes, it's a deliberate sabotage to starve America!"


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