Reptilian Humanoid

Reptilian Humanoid

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Reptilians or Reptilian Humanoids are a purported species of shape-shifting aliens with reptile-like characteristics who occupy positions of power on Earth and manipulate humanity for their own benefit, often associated with conspiracies about the Illuminati.


The exact origin of conspiracy theories regarding reptilian humanoids is unknown. Professor of political science at Syracuse University Michael Barkun, the idea may have been inspired by stories written by pulp fiction author Robert E. Howard, including his 1929 story "The Shadow Kingdom" which contained references to anthropomorphic snake people. In 1967, Nebraska-based police officer Herbert Schirmer claimed to have been abducted by reptilian humanoid aliens.

David Icke's Babylonian Brotherhood

In 1999, author David Icke released a book titled The Biggest Secret, which argued that the descendants of reptilian aliens from the Draco constellations were inhabiting Earth as a group known as the "Babylonian Brotherhood" and had taken key positions of power in human governance.


On July 16th, 2007, YouTuber Archangel Systems uploaded a video titled "Reptile Woman – UFO Reptilian / Demon Morphing," featuring footage of a woman purportedly shape shifting on camera (shown below). In the following eight years, the video accumulated more than 3.7 million views and 2,600 comments.

On February 24th, 2011, comedian Louis C.K. a clip from his appearance on the Opie & Anthony Show in which he accuses former United States Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld of being a reptilian (shown below).

On February 29th, Redditor iLickChildren posted the Wikipedia entry on reptilians to the /r/todayilearned[2] subreddit, where it gathered upwards of 850 votes (82% upvoted) prior to being archived. On March 16th, 2013, YouTuber Teotl Nahualli uploaded a video titled "Obama's Alien Reptilian Bodyguard," featuring low-resolution footage of a man in a suit at a 2012 AIPAC Conference, claiming he appeared to be a shape shifting reptilian humanoid (shown below). In the first two years, the video gained over 1.53 million views.

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