Free Bleeding

Free Bleeding

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Free Bleeding refers to the practice of abstaining from using feminine hygiene products during menstruation. In February 2014, free bleeding was promoted by members of 4chan as a prank to convince women that feminine hygiene products were a form of patriarchal oppression.


The concept of free bleeding has been discussed online since the early 2000s, with the earliest known article on the topic posted by the women's reproductive health blog All About My Vagina[5] on March 31st, 2004.


On January 6th, 2011, the political blog Red Light Politics[1] shared a link to the article on All About My Vagina, praising the controversial idea as "a nice and necessary departure from the usual discourse surrounding menstruation, blood and the female body." On August 27th, the feminist blog Feministing[4] published an article titled “Letting Ourselves Bleed,” which encouraged readers to let themselves bleed for once. On October 27th, Funny or Die[7] posted a comedy sketch video satirically promoting the practice of free bleeding (shown below).

On November 3rd, 2013, women’s interest blogger Kendra Smith mentioned free bleeding in an article about “period shaming.”[3]

Operation Freebleeding

On January 31st, 2014, a thread was created on 4chan to propose the launch of “Operation Freebleeding,” a false flag campaign in which 4chan users would rally around "free bleeding" under the pretense of promoting feminism and self-empowerment, thereby hoping to provoke angry responses from the feminist blogosphere.

File: 1391169311106.png-(328 KB, 529x411, free.png) Anonymous 01/31/14(Fri)06:55:11 No.530055760 ###OPERATION FREEBLEEDING### Sup, bretehren. Let's do something big. Something awesome. Let's---- feminists right where it hurts most. In their f------ smelly hairy dirty bloody Let's start a new trend (Tweeter, facebook, forums, and so on) about this disgusting s--- called freebleeding. my boo looling cute & treebleeding while skateboarcing last night We could play the most lefty stream inside feminism to claim 'our right' of free bleeding our It surely make s----- hairy feminazis mad, because it's dirty and disgusting, but, 'it's their right, not a male op essin What do you think? Any suggestions and ideas? ###OPERATION FREEBLEEDING#### My c--- is mine, my blood is sacred Anonymous 01/31/14(Fri)06:56:29 No.530055859 >>530055760 This could turn out to be something great

The same day, several fake Twitter feeds were launched with tweets ostensibly promoting the act of free bleeding in protest against "male-dominated companies" behind the feminine hygiene products.

On February 1st, The Daily Dot[6] published an article about the Twitter trend, which traced its origin to a prank orchestrated by a group of 4chan users. On the same day, the novelty Twitter account AdolfJoeBiden tweeted the hashtag "#FreeBleeding."

On February 2nd, the satirical news blog Modern Women Digest[8] published an article calling free bleeding a “disturbing new feminist trend.” According to the Twitter analytics site Topsy,[2] there were over 600 tweets containing the keywords “free bleeding” on February 4th. On February 6th, the Internet news blog UpRoxx[9] published an article about the 4chan prank.

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