Giorno's Theme / Giorno's Piano

Giorno's Theme / Giorno's Piano

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Il vento d’oro (English: Golden Wind) is the main theme of the 2018 anime JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind (JoJo Part Five). Fans began calling the song Giorno’s Theme because it is frequently heard in scenes where the protagonist Giorno Giovanna is about to defeat an opponent. The theme's piano passage in particular, known as Giorno’s Piano, inspired memes about it being a sign of imminent defeat. Since mid-to-late 2019, the theme itself has been used in a variety of videos, covers, and parodies.


The anime JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind began airing on October 5th, 2018. Its soundtrack[1] was released on December 19th the same year. On the same day, the anime’s main theme was uploaded to YouTube[2] by Golden Weed (shown below, left). The theme amassed over 98 million views in two years. In a similar period, a reupload[3] of the theme with only the piano passage received over 17 million views (shown below, right).


Giorno’s Piano

On February 4th, 2019, Redditor Solariu posted a meme highlighting that the piano passage usually starts playing when Giorno Giovanna is about to defeat someone to /r/ShitpostCrusaders subreddit (shown below, left).[4] The post gained over 1,500 upvotes in five months. In the following months, multiple memes making fun of the trope were posted in the community (shown below, center and right).[5][6]

*Giorno's theme turns into a piano cover of itself* Babyface: Steagit into your head! What if You Deflect osT vol1 ver ure JoJo's Bizarre Adventure:Golden Wind OST: -Giorno's Theme- "l vento d'oro" (M.. 759 k vistas But god said 13 k 113 Compartir Guardar "I've won! There's no way you can defeat me now!" Giorno Giovanna: lor

On June 24th, Redditor hiimawerewolf made a meme comparing how various protagonists of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure defeat their enemies, with the punchline being that Giorno only needs the piano.[7] The post gained over 14,100 upvotes in two days.

Could beat the villains but doesn't. Is too idealistic to use any trickery underhanded tactics which puts him at a serious disadvantage or Uses the powerful magic he was born with to trick and toy with his enemies. Always plotting his next battle-plan. Runs away if in danger. Arthritis and joint-pain make running hard. New strategy is to stay calm and safe until he finds a lethal opening. Kills mosts enemies he fights. Stripper ghost makes him pretty much unkillable. Stares into space and thinks about dolphins until you walk into his range like a retard. Not afraid of injury. Versatile powers, high speed, and healing. Literally just a monk class. May turn into a berserk psychopath on occasion. Puts himself in danger to draw out openings.

In the following days, a significant number of memes based on the joke were posted in the community,[8] including fan art based on Whatcha Got There meme.[9][10]

Various Examples

Giorno: *about to die* also Giorno: made with mematic What makes Giorno feel powerful Моney Status Giorno: *about to be defeated* Giorno: , Giorno Giovanna, have a piano
Bruno:Alright theboss should be aroundhere, keep an Giorno, what is THAT? 00 LLLULI a smoothie R Fights like a gentleman, even if it bites him in the ass later Does dumb s--- untill it works Why would he need to do anything? His grandson is around Before the battle even starts, he already is, and has always been better than you at everything Waits for the enemy to make him mad and somehow they always do Patiently waits for Mista to shoot himself before slowly approaching the piano When the Jo-Foe asks Giorno what his next move is after critically wounding and cornering him "Ya like Piano" Bruno and gang: *losing* Giorno:

Giorno’s Theme

One of the earliest video memes to use Giorno’s Theme itself was an "X Goes With Everything" parody with various scenes from the Avengers films. Uploaded to YouTube[11] by Meme and Stuff on February 27th, 2019, it received 1.6 million views in a year and a half (shown below, left). An accordion cover of the theme posted[12] on June 22nd by Vackarash gained over a million views in a year.

Memes with Giorno’s piano passage soon became popular on TikTok[13] and Instagram. On July 19th, content creator largetrap posted[14] a meme using Giorno’s Theme to Instagram that gained over 550,000 views in over a year. A parody of Kaiba’s defeat with Giorno’s Theme posted[15] to YouTube by John Anime on the 25th received over 1.3 million views in a similar period. On TikTok, a sound[16] with the piano passage of Giorno’s Theme has over 43,000 videos.

On August 15th, YouTuber The House of the Dank used[17] Giorno’s Theme in an Earthquake Makeup meme combined with the hora circle dance that garnered over 8.7 million views in a year (shown below, left). The House of the Dank used the song in another video[18] uploaded on August 19th that received more than 5.8 million views (shown below, right).

Popular videos involving Giorno’s Theme continued to gain millions of views on YouTube. On August 31st, YouTuber Moog uploaded[19] a video titled "When you listen to Giorno’s theme for the first time" showing a Russian interview subtitled to be about JoJo. The video gained over 4.6 million views in a year (shown below, left). On October 24th, YouTuber and pianist Joe Jenkins uploaded[20] a video playing Giorno’s Theme on a public piano that amassed over 32.8 million views (shown below, right).

Various Examples

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