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The Goomer is a spin-off from the coomer which depicts a person highly addicted to gaming and hinting at them wasting their life when they could be doing something more constructive.


Addiction to gaming has been known and talked about for a long time however it wasn't until September 20th, 2019[1] when a /pol/ thread was posted and depicted a coomer-variant in the picture as "The Goomer" and "Gooming" as they are playing video games. (shown below)

The Goomer >"I'M GOOO0OMING!" > Doesn't care about anything > Does gooming 2417 FU Goo > Just gooms >"I'M GOOOOOMING!"

Further on in the thread another depiction was posted[3] which was just a coomer with headphones attached, but it was further edited to emphasize on Doritos dust, skin acne, exhausted eyes and general uncleanliness. (shown below)

the 29 year old goomer has transcended the need for any social interaction or semblance of meaningful existence. just fucking gooms. neet and proud. would have been a coomer but he doesn't have the time. get out of my room! high school friends think he's dead. mom i'm hungry


The character spread over the following several months on 4chan. On September 22nd, an anonymous user posted a picture of a Goomer in a suggestive pose[2] (shown below, left). Other edits include a post combining the character with the Pokémon "Goomy" on /vp/ (shown below, right).

The Goomer >that 30 year oid goomer > Just gooms Doesnt care about anything > Does gooming 2417 Pwastes time playing video gooms face > Just gooms >"IM GOO" 0OOMING! The 23 Year Old GOOMER Mo carner, ikerally jant geona Brike go.devatety Ted Pakemn ia Patema Masten Ba Pakman Masiers Lees te chat with spee ad tedra Popped a tow rare candion Has keen viing e Aeether dy ehlng in the shade sta Youthtal Knows that kis notisa have sanegese Pakoman Luaby Sinyed a ihe dayare with Braiene aed wased igowaik

Various Examples

The Goomer >"IM GOOO0OMING!" Doesnt care about anything > Does gooming 2417 Coos >Just gooms >"I'M GOOO0OMING!" Sep 16, 2018 geekboy400 said: O sargon keep using the word "grooming" i don't think he knows what that word means Jim is obviously a goomer HTL5N Ultimate F----- EDSA 100% Prune Juice Attachments goomer.png 65.7 KB Views: 52 Adamska, Ravelord, Drossel and 12 others All the limited 26 Year Old money he has, goes into his GOOMER > oh s--- i'm GOOMING GOOMS All his friends have careers and relationships >muh better coordination 10k+ hours wasted on his "hobby" vidya are an art form „Manchild If he used that time to I will make money of it work out: he'd be chiseled one day, you'll see >at least I'm not spending If he picked up any skill, this money on drinks and he would be a virtuoso dope »got a shoutout from a gamer girl, I'm gonna Is a COOMER gets treated like too s--- by the devs gobles it up make it anyway уаяаяwn Only started to care abod politics, ondce it crashed into Concerned about > better crack another OR the "nazis" out of sudden scaring away the gamer girls and POC's monster >CAN'T PAUSE IT MOM!! gaming RAZER F-- 9000 The Goomer >"IM GOO00OMING!" > Doesn't care about anything > Just gooms > Does gooming 24/7 > Has aleadydstoyed 47 keyboards, 3a sceens and 14 mouses

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This… this is somehow a rehash of a rehash, to the point that even the base model and the lines used are half copy-pasted from a previous edit, and even the first paragraph of this entry admits it by calling it a spin-off.

I did not think it physically posible, but modern Wojak edits are somehow becoming even lazier than they already were. And then these exact same people have the nerve to call out Reddit or iFunny for having dumb and repetitive memes and have the irony of that situation completely fly over their heads, then pretty much demand other people to enjoy their reddit-tier memes like this one or you are guilty of being [insert latest Wojak-based insult here] by default, then rinse and repeat for the next Wojak edit.

Man, I would definitely think this is being done on purpose to make Wojak memes look bad if I did not know better from /pol/ at this point.


I propose a new format to spam in 4chan:
The Foomer:
>Calls everyone out on their masculinity out of insecurity
>Complains about others hobbies
>Sees everything as some form of degeneracy
>Gets extremely pent up by neither having sex or masturbating
>Calls out everyone else on wasting their lives despite not doing anything himself
>Wastes all their time in unproductive activities and doesn't even enjoy it


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