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Goomy[1] is a Dragon-type Pokémon introduced in the 2013 Nintendo 3DS role-playing video games Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. Shortly after their releases in October 2013, the goo-like creature quickly gained a fan following online for its squishy appearance and cute demeanor, in contrast to the fellow X and Y breakout character Espurr.


As early as October 3rd, 2013, in-game screenshots and various details about Goomy began circulating on the Smogon forums[2], 4chan’s /vp/[3] (Pokemon) image board and the /r/Pokemon[4]subreddit, where they were universally met by positive responses from the fans.

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The Character

Goomy (shown below, left) is a Dragon-type Pokemon that can be found on Route 14 in both X and Y. They can either have the ability Sap Sipper, which raises the creatures attack when hit with a Grass-type move, or Hydration, which heals any status problems when it is raining out.[5] At level 40, it evolves into Sliggoo (shown below, center) and when leveled up to 50 in the rain, it evolves again into Goodra (shown below, right), which is considered the pseudo-legendary Pokemon of this generation.

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On October 4th, the subreddit /r/ChurchOfGoomy[6] and its corresponding Facebook fan page[7] launched, attracting more than 3,500 subscribers and 810 likes in 20 days, respectively. On October 6th, a Tumblr Ask Blog[8] was created for the character with illustrated responses from the perspective of a Goomy. The same day, the single topic Tumblr Imagine Goomy[9] began sharing fan art illustrations placing Goomy into a series of hypothetical scenarios suggested by the visitors.The blog gained more than 100 followers in 48 hours. On October 20th, Redditor Falzar[10] launched the pre-alpha version of a Cookie Clicker parody game titled Goomy Clicker[11], in which players can click on a large Goomy to produce additional creatures and improve the efficiency through upgrades and purchases (shown below) .

Cursor - 0 Mo IMAGE 10 Youngster-0 50 Reserve 0 200 Incubator-0 1,500 0 Goomies 0.0 Goomies per second Ho IMAGE Ho IMAGE Mo IMAGE Goopy Fountain - 0 8,000 Breeding Ground- 36,000 Enslaved Arceus - 150,000 Cloning Lab-0 999,999 Repopulated Planet 5,256,000 RNG Abuser -O 33,554,432 Mo IMAGE Ho IMAGE Ho IMAGE Mo IMAGE STATS Level 1 Mo IMAGE

Notable Examples

Additional fan art of Goomy can be found on Tumblr with the tags #Goomy[12] and #Hail Goomy[13], as well as on deviantART[14] and Pixiv.[15]

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