An image of a surprised-looking cat with its mouth open, called Huh Cat.

Huh? Cat

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Huh? Cat is an exploitable video meme format depicting a confused or shocked-looking cat making a "huh?" sound. with its mouth open and eyes wide The clip was uploaded to TikTok in early 2023 and is often used alongside object-labeling captions about situations in which a person feels confused and lost.


The huh? cat is known as Ben Cat, which is a pet owned by TikToker[1] @planetvenus500 who posts videos about their chubby cat. The video used in the meme was originally posted in September 2021 but has since been deleted and reposted on February 12th, 2023, showing the cat meowing for food (shown below), which received more than 2 million plays and 332,000 likes in two months.

@planetvenus500 Replying to @nyippaa #benderchonkycat#original ♬ original sound – BenChonkyCat

One of the earliest posts using the cat's video as a meme started in the Russian TikTok community, as seen in @aromobar[5] post on September 24th, 2021, which added overlay texts to match the cat's expressions. The video (shown below, left) amassed over 2.4 million plays and 80,000 likes in two years. On October 3rd, 2021, TikTok[6] user @planeta_belki posted the cat meowing as a reaction video (shown below, right), which garnered more than 3 million plays and 231,000 likes in two years.

@aromobar И такое бывает😂 ДЕУОЧКИ, У нас только 100% ОРИГИНАЛ⚡️ по самой низкой цене! Ниже уже некуда😱😱😱 #требовательныйкот #коттикток #жирныйкот ♬ оригинальный звук – AromoBar
@planeta_belki 😻 #bendercat #бендер #котмем #коткиваетголовой #котмяукает #котмяукаетикиваетголовой ♬ оригинальный звук – Ирина


The earliest usage of the cat's video as a meme was posted on December 8th, 2022, by TikTok[2] user @21pamix, who added the "huh?" sound to match the cat's meow. The video (shown below, left) garnered roughly 135,000 plays and 5,000 likes in a year. On May 11th, 2023, the cat's video received a new viral "huh?" sound meme video, posted by TikTok[3] user @nyc.jav3 (shown below, right), which amassed more than 1.7 million plays and 135,000 likes in six months.

@21pamix Huh?#foryou #minecraft #huh #cat #meme ♬ original sound – Parsa
@nyc.jav3 Huh #huhcatmeme #huh #meme #fyp #xyzbca ♬ HUH – 𓂺

Rambling Goat and Huh? Cat

Rambling Goat and Huh? Cat refers to an object-labeling caption meme using the confused cat video and a goat making random noises to express an estate of confusion in situations like the one posted by TikTok[4] user @takutyan_ut on October 7th, 2023. The video (shown below) describes a Japanese person going to London for the first time and not understanding their English. The post garnered over 2 million plays and 298,000 likes in a week.

takutyan_ut</a> <a title="meme" target="_blank" href="">#Meme</a> <a title="huhcat" target="_blank" href="">#huhcat</a> <a title="english" target="_blank" href="">#English</a> <a title="japan" target="_blank" href="">#Japan</a> <a title="british" target="_blank" href="">#british</a> <a target="_blank" title="♬ オリジナル楽曲 - 東大卒ふつうのひとちいかわ大好き – Super Elite 東大卒ふつうのひと@ちいかわ大好き" href="オリジナル楽曲-東大卒ふつうのひとちいかわ大好き-7287383011350727425?refer=embed">♬ オリジナル楽曲 – 東大卒ふつうのひと@ちいかわ大好き – Super Elite 東大卒ふつうのひと@ちいかわ大好き

Various Examples

@forever_lonely_lizzy #jigsaw #saw #huhcatmeme #fyp #comedy #catsoftiktok ♬ Saw Theme (Hello Zepp) – Metal Version – Dad Metal

@chu_gomikasudegomenn_ huh?cat 素材です#catmeme #goat #greenscreen #fyp #何言ってんのこいつ ♬ オリジナル楽曲 – ななす – あせるなくす

@planetvenus500 #benderchonkycat#huhcatmeme ♬ original sound – BenChonkyCat

@boojenny02 #CapCut #meme #MemeCut #huhcat #huhcatmeme ♬ HUUUUUUUH – ⚡️SpeedSong⚡️

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