Hunter Biden with Squirtle's sunglasses overlaid on his face making reference to the Sex Tape.

Hunter Biden Squirtle Sex Tape

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Hunter Biden Squirtle Sex Tape refers to an image allegedly taken from a sex tape featuring President Joe Biden's son Hunter Biden having a threesome with two prostitutes while a large, plush Squirtle doll sits in the background as if watching. The image went viral in early April 2021, making "Squirtle" trend that day.


On April 8th, 2021, the Daily Mail[1] published an article revealing a number of secrets about Hunter Biden's private life, including numerous images allegedly taken from a laptop that Biden abandoned in a Wilmington, Delaware computer repair shop in 2019 and confirmed as real by a forensic expert. Among the images are screenshots of text conversations in which Hunter begs his dad to run for president to save his reputation, texts revealing that Joe Biden thought their conversations were being hacked, a photo showing Hunter's damaged teeth allegedly due to taking hard drugs and evidence of drug trafficking.

There are also numerous images of Hunter engaging in sex acts with prostitutes, including one where he is being straddled by two women while a large plush Squirtle from the Pokemon series and a dog sit on the bed (shown below, censored). According to the Daily Mail, the image was taken from a Pornhub channel operated by Hunter.


The article was shared numerous times on Twitter[2][3] that day, notably by right-wing figures Candace Owens and Jack Posobiec, whose tweets gained over 14,000 retweets and 2,600 likes and 6,700 retweets and 14,500 likes in a day. Twitter[4][5] users also began taking notice of the Squirtle photo that day, making jokes about it (examples shown below, left and right).

Dennis @tvaddict91 Hunter Biden likes squirtle we stan GIF kaitlin, RINO oatmeal raisin cookie ... @thefactualprep tfw you see the hunter biden pornhub pictures including the one with squirtle and a scared dog VAGANA GA OARTS

Many joked that the presence of Squirtle in the photo gave them a more positive view of Hunter, seeing it as a sign that he's a Pokemon fan. For example, on April 8th, game designer Cliff Bleszinski tweeted[6] about how weird the image is, but ultimately said "more power to [Hunter]" (shown below).

That night, "Squirtle" trended on Twitter under the "Politics" heading as users continued to make jokes referencing the image and using the trend as an excuse to post Squirtle images over the course of the day leading into the 9th (popular examples shown below, left and right).

olivia? Oblack lives matter♡ ... @LIVtheVIRGO I will not let Hunter Biden and his sexcapades ruin Squirtle for me GIF Ma ir ... @meatloafty Squirtle telling his homies what he just watched

On April 9th, a number of media outlets then reported on the Hunter Biden Squirtle memes, including Newsweek[7] and The Sun.[8]

Various Examples

Ma ir ... @meatloafty Squirtle telling his homies what he just watched Captain of the Curtis Defense Squad 13 ... @curtashiism Me finding out why Squirtle is trending it's that kev @acanticleforkev · 15h squirtle sits in silence but inside he screams screaming for death screaming for god screaming for justice but nothing comes only Hunter THE MYTH OF "CONSENSUAL" SEX I CONSENT CONSENT I CONSENT I DON'T! ISN'T THERE SOMEBODY YOU FORGOT TO ASK? Erik Strobl @erikstrobl why pixelate the women's swimsuits? why circle the dog? why not blur poor Squirtle, who's owed that bit of dignity? DAILYMAILCOM /FOX NEWS 7:29 CT LY NUMBER EVER RECORDED... CBP SAYS AUTHORITIES ENCOUNTERED 18,890 UNACCOMPANIED MINOR ►JOSH BOSWELL I DAILYMAIL.COM SENIOR NEWS REPORTER LEFT OUT OF HUNTER'S BOOK: HUNTER MADE P--- FILMS WITH PROSTITUTES

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