Hunter Biden phone hacked leaked image and a 4chan meme about it.

Hunter Biden iPhone Hack

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Hunter Biden iPhone Hack, also known as Hunter Biden iCloud Hack, refers to the hacking of Hunter Biden (son of U.S. President Joe Biden) and his iPad/phone in July 2022, which allegedly included multiple photos, videos and messages of Hunter discussing or partaking in controversial activities such as drug use and soliciting prostitutes, among others. Anons on the website 4chan originally posted the Apple iCloud password to an account they claimed belonged to Hunter Biden showing several hundred messages and other media. The controversy came roughly two years after the NY Post Hunter Biden hard drive leak occurred in 2020. Additionally, a prominent feature of the hack was speculation regarding the nickname Pedo Peter.


2020 NY Post Hunter Biden Hard Drive Leak

In mid-October 2020, the New York Post[5] published an article on Hunter Biden's hard drive leak regarding emails allegedly sent between Hunter Biden, Joe Biden and a Ukrainian businessman after they reportedly obtained the hard drive of a computer belonging to Hunter. The article included photographs of Hunter, which were subsequently used in reaction images and photoshops on various online platforms (shown below). After links to the article were suppressed on Twitter and Facebook, many began speculating that the censorship resulted in a surge of interest in the story due to the Streisand Effect.

The report claimed that the hard drive was obtained by a computer repair shop owner, who copied the contents of the computer before handing it over to authorities. The files were later sent to Robert Costello, the lawyer for former Mayor Rudy Giuliani.


July 2022 Hunter Biden iCloud Hack

On July 9th, 2022, at 2:19 a.m. EST, a KiwiAnon[1] made a thread[6] detailing that they work in IT and they had direct, first-hand knowledge of the Hunter Biden laptop that has been in custody for several years. He claimed that he was being threatened and pushed to be a part of something and that after detailing more information about the iCloud and iPad used by Hunter Biden, he gave a final warning about how he can push a button and send everything to the public (shown below). After posting various screenshots later on in the thread, the password for the iCloud, as well as several links on where and what to do with the information, was posted by the KiwiAnon, and it purportedly unlocked the account.

File: Screenshot 2022-07-09 at (...).png (2.58 MB, 3198x1832) ...untion [ Backup files can be opened with a tool called iPhone Backup Extractor. In this ZIP are two folders, one for an ipad and the other for iphone backup. The phone number belonged to halie but hunter took the number over, messages proof he 100% used that number at that time. The ipad was used by hunter and natalie, there are hunters dating and p--- siites on it and also natalies kids games etc. It needs no PW to be opened and contains an iOS keychain with natalies and hunters pws. It may or may not contain hunters icloud pw for the email: I cloud notes and notes: Hunter Biden offline iPhone Backup Anonymous (ID: (IHVZ7wd3 07/09/22(Sat)02:19:53 No.385931719 >>385931796 >>385932140 >>385932294 >>385932367 >>385932418 >>385932499 >>385932578 >>385932798 >>385933373 >>385933852 >>385934166 >>385934208 >>385934402 >>385934443 >>385934558 >>385934906 >>385935119 >>385935359 >>385937462 >>385937495 >>385937697 >>385939583 >>385939775 >>385940084 >>385940227 >>385940505 >>385940612 >>385940924 >>385941127 >>385941404 >>385941637 >>385941719 >>385941840 >>385941916 >>385941937 >>385942176 >>385943658 >>385945258 The iphone backup is pw protected, it needs his icloud pw. 00125 is the mac keychain containing the icloud pw that is needed to open the iphone backup. junumzA I WILL EXPLAIN ALL IN THIS THREAD. Here is about the DATA: It was reported that his pc pw which was something along the lines of Analfuck69, this does not open the 00125 keychain tho. It might be something along the lines or spelled diffrent or symbols added to it? Keychains: S Here is a list of some pws he used, he also got an email with a PDF containing his pw by a person who is managing his s---: Iphone contains voice mails, videos, voice recordings, pictures etc of Joe. Should i release a link to the entire disk (450GB) contains many pws and strings all over the place. Backup file location when looking at the entire disk: ^^^nı I can press one button and the entire 450GB backup is public. DONT F------ THREATEN ME ANY FURTHER. DOWNLOAD AND TORRENT IT. HERE ARE THE IPHONE AND IPAD BACKUPS: Tr--

On July 9th, shortly after the login info was posted, a 4chan thread then popped up called "Biden iPhone Backup General"[2] in which it was stated that the iCloud allegedly belonging to Hunter Biden was hacked and the password was posted with instructions for people to try and get the information off it in an easy-to-use format that allowed additional users to dig into the supposed data (shown below).

LA 10 Mate V ZALACA BALAN M 40KIB, 888x699, jewnicorns.png San Google iqdb SauceNAO Trace Previous Threads. >>.386009746 >>386002238 >>385992460 >>385980713 >>385972974 >>385965580 >>385956624 MELLOMPATICO >>385949860 >>385943690 Biden iPhone Backup General Anonymous ID:a6X7gPL3 Sat 09 Jul 20 Quoted By: >>386015571 >>386015577 >>386015631 >>386016318 >>38601650 >>386019377 >>386019497 >>386019981 >>386020354 >>386020495 >>386021 Anons are in edition PASSWORD FOUND >>386000711 >>386000711 >>386000711 start digging! Cheatcodes >>386000400 Original KiwiAnon Thread >>385931719 Magnet link to torrents >>385943869 Paste files of passwords, Keychain, and ICloud data >>385976195 (KIWIANON SERVER BACK UP WITH NEW PASSWORD FILES) >>385943940 >>385956885 >>385956942 Download Keychain Here >>385973725 (file still alive? Works for me, Some say its down) >>385974214 >>385981943 Chainbreaker is a platform independent cracker tool. This post highlights the specific key were looking for (00125) Other notable posts >>385957629 >You guys should focus on dumping the iOS keychain to get the icloud pw. With that open the iphone backup and then you can digg.

The anon additionally claimed, "The Hunter Biden disk is REAL. But its not about the DISK, more so its about the Iphone backup thats on the disk. THE ENTIRE Hunter Binden DISK thing is 100% operated by the FEDS. Their goals are UNKNOWN to me. Yes the FEDS controlled by the current administration" (shown below).

Anonymous (ID: IHVZ7wd3 | 07/09/22(Sat)02:20:46 No.385931796 >>385931719 (OP) Here is what i know: The Hunter Biden disk is REAL. But its not about the DISK, more so its about the Iphone backup thats on the disk. THE ENTIRE Hunter Binden DISK thing is 100% operated by the FEDS. Their goals are UNKNOWN to me. Yes the FEDS controlled by the current administration. All i can tell is that the disk is being brought out of the dusty shelf when ever there was a big decision re Assanges case. I feel the disk is used as a device to bring people in to work on it and get them legally in trouble. The data is REAL, but the disk was tampered with (files deleted). Also in some logs it shows up as Hunter imac and in some device ID as a macbook. That can be caused by using icloud or by importing a recovery image of a previous device? IDK But its very clear bad things were deleted. Someone deleted a ton of s---, i was able to recover alot. The total output including the originical files were 450GB. The OG disk was an 512GB SSD carbon copy of the original with aprox 250GB files on it and 250GB of "empty space" that contained the deleted files. Yes the DISK contained DoD certificartes but those need a CAC card and an application of some sort either web based on installed. NO IDEA why or how. Those certs are also in the keychain: ONE EXAMPLE OF DOD CERT: “ឯក ។៦ There are a total of 5, one containing a key. >>385931905 >>385932154 >>385934576 >>385936053 >>385940445 Here is the keychain: Rest of certs are in various folders like his Downloads folder. mapemUVIEGHOWTIET UUTTUiyumyueT

Online Reactions

The online reaction after the leak on July 9th, 2022, was instantaneous and massive, as a number of new images and videos allegedly depicting Hunter Biden arguing with prostitutes about drugs, engaging in sexual acts and conversations between him and Joe Biden (in which he purportedly named his father 'Pedo Peter' as the contact info) became the largest topics surrounding the hack that quickly gained traction online.

For example, on July 9th, "Pedo Peter" became a trending hashtag with some pointing out that in 2020, Joe Biden purportedly used the handle "Peter Henderson" in email chains and that it appeared to roughly correlate to the timing of the iPad messages that have that set as his name. On July 10th, Twitter user SamWheat753[3] tweeted "#4chan is going to take down this whole administration" with an image of a tweet originally from R.J. Kasheem that discussed the nickname, receiving over 740 likes and 260 retweets in less than 24 hours (shown below).

R.J. Kassam @RaheemKassam In Oct 2020 we reported exclusively that Joe Biden used the pseudonym "Peter Henderson". Now, 4Chan has discovered that his son Hunter had Joe saved in his iPad as "P--- Peter"... EXC: Is "Peter Henderson" Joe Biden's E-mail Pseudonym? ... 00:37 11/7/2022 Twitter for iPhone .

On July 10th, Twitter account @TheVenetianDoge[4] posted a Piper Perri Surrounded meme with 4chan being the ones surrounding Joe Biden and the message "Anons declared a special operation in Bidenstan," receiving over 310 likes and 65 retweets in 24 hours (shown below).

ⒸOLET.COM 98 achin Achn Achen Achan

Multiple threads sharing new keychain or download links surfaced on 4chan's /pol/[7][8] board going into the next few days of July 2022. In each thread, anons on the site shared images and videos from the files, turning many of them into memes. These memes and discussions spread to platforms like Twitter in the following days. For instance, on July 10th, Twitter[9] user MachiavelliMemz tweeted a video meme titled, "Ten Crack Commandments," which re-edited multiple Hunter Biden videos in one, earning roughly 17,800 views in less than a day (shown below).

One of the most viral videos from the file leak allegedly showed Hunter Biden weighing what some claimed to be crack cocaine on a scale while talking with a prostitute about how much it weighed. The video was posted to Twitter on July 10th by user njgloyper[13] and then reposted by bennyjohnson[10] who received roughly 76,500 likes and 6.6 million views in less than 24 hours.

Another notable video allegedly showed Hunter Biden walking on a beach appearing sweaty and disturbed, claiming, "My pants fell off…..3 days clean." This video was posted to Twitter[11] by the user CensoredMJ on July 10th and earned roughly 3,800 likes and 200,900 views in less than a day (shown below).

Other memes and reactions surfaced regarding President Joe Biden's imagined response to his son's leak. For instance, on July 10th, 2022, Twitter[12] user edwardrussl used a The Office template that showed panic, captioning it, "Live from White House after Hunter Biden leaks." The tweet received roughly 41,200 views and 600 likes in less than a day (shown below).

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Republican partisans will spend all day circlejerking about the crack and hookers when they should be focusing on the important leak revelations:

1. President Biden lying about the knowledge of the extent of his son's financial investments in foreign companies e.g. Ukraine.
2. The weird pictures of Hunter with 10 year old girls putting their feet all over him and searching for "12 year olds" on and such.

Falling into the same trap Democrat partisans did focusing on Stormy Daniels and covfefe of the week when they should have been focusing on Kushner's Saudi Arabian business deals and President Trump's Epstein connections.


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