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I'm Baby

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I'm Baby is a catchphrase based on an auto-corrected text message from a mother to her daughter in a distressing situation. The phrase has since been used as a shitpost on a variety of websites, separating the meme from its original source, but it has also been used as a term of endearment and an expression of a desire for comfort.


On March 2nd, 2017, ABC[1] reported that a California teenager who texted her mother during a home invasion. The mother responded to the text, "I'm baby. Call 911" (screenshot below).

Im baby Call 911 2sme I don't want tim to hear me t have aryee etse cant get hurt ru he cant get her mom I doat ktow id he's still in here t called the neighbor atreedy 331 PM I think there knocking but l dont wanna open it Read in here 1 31 PM 332M It's the K 332 PM He's calling me but do l go abc7.com 11:02 59

Later that year, on June 5th, Tumblr [2] user darknetexclusivetouhouterrorcore posted a screenshot of the text with the caption "what does this mean." The post received more than 16,000 notes in less than two years (shown below).

darknetexclusivetouhouterrorcore Follow Sponsoreds Scribol. I'm baby Call 911 3.30 PM I don't want him to hear me l have zoyee she can't get hurt he can't get her mom Read 3:30 PM Learn more This Teenage Babysitter Sent Mom A Chilling Text what does this mean


The following month, Instagram [3] user aynalswag posted a screenshot of a Tumblr conversation about the post. The photo received more than 12,000 likes in two years (shown below, left). Over the next year, people would continue to post the news report with, highlighting the phrase "I'm baby" (example below, center).

On February 22nd, 2019, Twitter [4] user @Moeshayan tweeted a Kirby Explains image with the phrase "im baby." The post received more than 52,000 retweets and 109,000 likes in one month (shown below, right).

Several media outlets covered the meme, including Mashable, [5] Hello Giggles,[6] Stay Hipp[7] and more.

Sponsored Scribol. rM I'm baby Call 911 3:30 PM I don't want him to hear me I Read have zoyee she can't get hurt 330 pM he cant get her mom Leam more This Teenage Babysitter Sent Mom A Chilling Text powerburial what does this mean frogii I'm baby He's inside mom hes gonna hear me Mom: "k'" MOM please call 911 or come home right now Mom: "l'm baby" АВС7 Eyewitness News. @ABC7 Montclair teen's quick thinking saves her and niece from home- invasion suspect abc7.la/2miKXOA 6:00 AM-30 Dec 2018 Me explaining to my boyfriend why he can't scold me: im baby 5:23 AM -22 Feb 2019


On May 2nd, 2019, TikTok user @shleem uploaded a video of a person defending themself by saying "I'm baby" (shown below, left). The video gained over 163,300 likes and 17,400 shares in six months. On September 18th, TikTok user @smoltammy started a thread of videos in which people transform into a picture of their younger self or a picture of a baby (shown below, center). In October many TikTok user gained over 300,000 likes for jumping on this variation of the "I'm baby" trend on TikTok (shown below, right).


Various Examples

absolutely no one: tan "i'm baby" france were betting that Iwould end up in his lap within 5 minutes 12:03 AM-17 Mar 2019 what part of "i'm baby" do you not f------ understand 3:25 PM - 20 Mar 2019 me after tweeting I'm baby 8:48 PM-17 Mar 2019
This is what I mean when I say "l'm baby" 6:53 AM-12 Mar 2019 l SAID i'm baby 3:44 PM-19 Mar 2019 Sponsored$ Scribol. I'm baby Call 911 330 PM I don't want him to hear me Read have zoyee she can't get hurt 330 PM he can't get her mom Leam more This Teenage Babysitter Sent Mom A Chilling Text frogii what does this mean I'm baby baby

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