Jaded Teenage Girl

Jaded Teenage Girl

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Jaded Teenage Girl is a copypasta originating from a Tumblr post in which user TashaLovesNirvana tries to fend off her detractors and trolls by claiming she was a “jaded teenage girl” who had endured through many hardships in her life.


In early February 2015, Tumblr user TashaLovesNirvana replied to post submitted by user Winnerchallenged, in which she revealed that she is a "jaded teenage girl" after dealing with several hardships, including asking out "the cutest guy" in her grade only to find out that he had a girlfriend (shown below).[1] The post was subsequently deleted.

winnerchallenged asked find jesus winnerchallenged whitegirisaintshit: Imfao. since when are you religlous? aren't you a homosexual? 1f anything, according to the bible (not my words), 1t's you that needs to find jesus. agan, not homophobic, you just need to quit harassing me now 1 literally sent this in the morning? and have stnce not tried to contact you?g so why are you just replying now acting like this was some shit 1 just sent. goodbye sweetie, you are literally so out of line it's fucking unbelievable. 1 could drag you so hard right now but 1 i need to înd jesus because I'm gay? lordl this is like an eptsode of scandal you are literally a stan know you'll just end up crying. 1've roasted you before and you know 1t. chances are you'll just say 1 u because you're gay and have different skin. talk shit get hit, you don't wanna mess with me belt. 1 know threats are fucked up but that's all 1've been receiving all day, probably from her royal hoodrat olive and all of her nasty friends. but you can gang up on me and make fun of me for being goth all you want. 1've been hurt a lot. my first boyfriend cheated on me, my dad screams if1 forget to do my chores and there are some days 1 don't even want to get out of bed in the mornings 'm a jaded teenage girl. 1ve been through shit that you wouldn't even dream of. you think your life 1s hard? try asking the cutest guy in your grade out in the middle of the cafeteria only to find out he has a fuckdng girlfriend. you don't know my life or my story so keep my name out of your nasty mouth. life 1s a battlefñield and it looks like 1've already won.


On February 9th, Tumblr user bakrua posted a screenshot of TashaLovesNirvana's post, which gained over 22,500 likes in the first two weeks. That day, Redditor straightallies submitted the text of the Tumblr post to the /r/copypasta[2] subreddit. Also on February 9th, Tumblr user lizardmafia[3] submitted a clickbait headline version of the copypasta (shown below, left). Meanwhile, the science666[4] Tumblr blog highlighted a photoshopped picture of Richard Dawkins wearing a T-shirt with the words "We are all teenage girls" printed on the front (shown below, right).

lizardmafia Follow She Was A Jaded Teenage Girl Who Wanted To Ask Out The Cutest Guy In Her Grade. What Happens When She Learns He Already Has A Girlfriend Will Make You Realize She's Been Through Shit You Couldn't Even Dream Of 7,555 notes We Are All Jaded Teenage Girls

On February 10th, Tumblr[6] user kumagawa posted a dramatic reading of the copypasta (shown below). The next day, Tumblr user officialjeffandonuts[5] posted a version of the copypasta framing it as a discussion between him and his dog.

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