Jolly Rancher Story

Jolly Rancher Story

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Jolly Rancher Story is an infamous tale from a Reddit thread titled, "Reddit, What's the grossest/nastiest thing that's happened to you in a sexual encounter? I'll go first…" The story tells the tale of a man who performs oral sex on his girlfriend with a Jolly Rancher, a hard sucking candy, in his mouth. After a series of disgusting events, the man learns his girlfriend cheated on him and he has likely contracted gonorrhea. The story has been mentioned alongside tales such as The Broken Arms Story, Cumbox, and Blowfly Girl as one of the internet's most disgusting.


On October 21st, 2009, Reddit user rivalthecreator[1] responded to a thread titled "Reddit, What's the grossest/nastiest thing that's happened to you in a sexual encounter? I'll go first…" with a tale involving a man, Steve, and his girlfriend, Samantha. The two go off to separate colleges and reunite later. He begins to perform oral sex on her, and after a disgusting series of events, walks away from the encounter fearing he's contracted gonorrhea (full story below).

Nothing tops the Jolly Rancher story.
Steve and his girlfriend Samantha went off to college in August. She went to Florida State, he went to Penn. So, she decides to fly to PA to visit him. He was really happy to see her so he decided to give her some oral action.
He had done this numerous times before and he always enjoyed doing it…but for some reason, this time, she smelled really horrible, and she tasted even worse. He didn't want to offend her though because he hadn't seen her in months…so he put a Jolly Rancher in his mouth to cover it up, even though it didn't do much to help.
In the course of eating her out, he accidentally pushed the candy inside of her… and stuck a finger in to grab it out. He took it out, and put it back into his mouth and bit it. Only…it wasn't the Jolly Rancher.
It was a nodule of gonorrhea.
As in, the blister-like structure that gonorrhea makes filled with diseased pus was the size of a fucking Jolly Rancher and the poor guy BIT it. I guess it was really dark in the room. He freaked out and started vomiting all over the place when it exploded in his mouth…
He demanded to know what was going on, turns out she had cheated on him at a club like, the first week of college, and fucked some random guy and the stupid bitch had no clue what was wrong with her. She noticed a strange smell though.
So now, Steve is freaking out that he now has gonorrhea of the mouth and God knows what else.


The story would grow into one of the most infamous tales on the internet. There are two definitions for the story on Urban Dictionary. [2] It was passed around forums as a contender for one of the internet's worst stories. It appeared in an AR15 forums thread[3] on April 15th, 2018, where it was called "The grossest story on the internet." It has also been referenced in several Reddit threads about the internet's worst stories, including a thread posted March 23rd, 2014 in /r/explainlikeimfive[4] and a June 19th, 2013 post in /r/OutOfTheLoop.[5] On February 4th, 2019, another user asked about the story on /r/OutOfTheLoop,[6] noting they'd read a comment from someone saying “they can’t hear “Jolly Ranchers” without being triggered.”

On YouTube, Justin Whang did a "Tales from the Internet" episode about the story, gaining over 497,000 views. In the video, he stated that "Jolly Rancher Story" was one of his most-requested stories to discuss on the show. He also stated he believed the story was likely fictional, citing the fact the story is told in third person and that he did not believe a "nodule of gonorrhea" was a real thing that can happen as a result of the disease (shown below, left). On July 17th, 2019, Barbara Dunkelman read the story during a panel at RTX Austin (shown below, right).

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