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Love Nectar

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Love Nectar is a slang term for sexual fluids, which became associated to the character Anna Nishikinomiya from the anime and manga series Shimoneta after a scene in which she bakes cookies for the character Tanukichi Okuma using her own vaginal fluids. The scene and the term garnered popularity among fans of the series, due to it’s extreme nature, spawning a number of parodies.


The original scene comes from the fifth episode of the anime series, first aired on August 1st, 2015. In it, Anna Nishikinomiya prepares cookies for the characters Ayame Kajou and Tanukichi Okuma. After asking the latter about the cookies, she starts explaining how her "love feelings" for Tanukichi turn into liquid after reaching their peak, and then telling him she used her vaginal fluids (which Anna calls "love nectar" due her lack of knowledge on sexual subjects) to make his cookies. Later, on the same episode, Anna ambushes Tanukichi on their school and tries to force him into drinking a bottle full of her "love nectar".

Your cookies. have msLove Nectar mixed intothe dough! Don't worry. Itis merelý Love Nectar. Sweet and pure.


On August 3rd, 2015, tumblr user kawaiipersona posted a Lay's flavor parody picture featuring the term and Anna's face on its personal blog, gaining over 5,300 notes under a month.[3] On August 5th, tumblr user kegminami posted a edited frame from the cartoon series SpongeBob SquarePants on its personal blog, gaining over 4,700 notes under a month.[4] The same day, user ratfacepunk posted captures from the cookie scene along with a gif of the character Cookie Monster from Sesame Street, gaining over 5,000 notes under a month.[5]

ays Love Nectar l made it with my "love ne ctar!"

The term was also highlighted on 4chan's episode discussions due its extreme and weird nature.[6][7] On August 1st, 2015, youtuber Chibi Reviews uploaded a video titled "Were The Love Nectar Cookies Really That Bad?", featuring him making a "love nectar" milkshake and gathering over 26,000 views in less than a month. On August 15th, user HyperLaxative submitted on /r/animepics a combined image featuring a capture from the bottle scene and a gif of a girl drinking a water bottle, gaining over 280 points (95% upvoted) in less than 10 days.[8] The term has also presence on Tumblr[1] and 4chan.[2]

Don't worry. It is merely Love Nectar, Sweet and pure

Various Examples

LOVE SUPPLY DRINK LOVE NECTAR It's alphabet so I madeit special. When The Weebman Throws In A Little Extra NECTAR "Love Nectar? in your cookies?" It's more likely than you think. FREE PC CHECK CONTENTwatch Ahor ly Love Nectar. Sweet and pure. 咇worry. It is mere

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ballstothewall Moderator

Definite confirm, it's shot up like wildfire in the last couple of weeks!

I personally think this is fair from being the funniest thing in the show, though it is highly exploitable and basically a fun neologism for "those liquids". I will be using this expression IRL too.

+1 confirm
+1 Anna needs an adult; preferably one who actually knows about various sexual functions


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