Make It More AI Trend

Make It More AI Trend

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Make It More AI Trend refers to a trend in which users ask AI image-generating software like DALLE-3 on /r/ChatGPT to create increasingly extreme images, asking AI to show "more" of a certain quality in further iterations of the image.


On September 23rd, 2023, X user @willdepue[7] posted a thread featuring AI-generated images of Pepe the Frog made with DALLE-3, with the instructions to make it increasingly "more rare" (shown below).

will depue @willdepue I ask DALLE-3 to generate a Pepe but each time I tell it to make it "more rare." 4:18 PM Sep 23, 2023 1.7M Views :


On October 24th, 2023, X user @robertskmiles[6] submitted an AI-generated image created in ChatGPT of goldfish riding skateboards amid meteor impacts in space, along with a description revealing that he was playing a game prompting ChatGPT to make images "more extreme" and "more radical" (shown below).

Rob Miles (London) @robertskmiles I'm now playing a game where I just keep asking ChatGPT to "Make it more extreme" or "Make it more radical". This is like iteration 5, they forgot about water 1:58 AM - Oct 24, 2023 4,914 Views ...

On November 24th, 2023 Redditor[1] Lozmosis submitted a post titled "Frogs, but GPT progressively makes them angrier," whichgathered over 4,000 upvotes in four days (seen below).

T You Generate images of frogs ChatGPT Here is an image depicting a whimsical and colorful scene of various frogs in their natural habitat. T You make them angry ChatGPT N Here is an image showcasing a group of angry frogs, each with exaggerated expressions of anger in a vibrant, natural setting. T You make them way more angrier ChatGPT Here is an image depicting a scene with extremely angry frogs, characterized by their wildly exaggerated expressions and dramatic postures. T You ANGRIER!!! ChatGPT Here is an image depicting a wildly over-the-top scene of impossibly angry frogs, set in an apocalyptic landscape. T You You misunderstand me. I said make them ANGRIER. ChatGPT Here is an image depicting frogs with the most extreme and unimaginable level of anger, set against a backdrop of a tumultuous inferno. T You make the frogs angrier please. < 5/5 > ChatGPT Here is an image depicting an apocalyptic scene with frogs at a level of anger that surpasses all imagination, set in a chaotic landscape of fire and brimstone. T You I said angrier. ChatGPT Here is an image portraying frogs with an inconceivable level of anger, set in a surreal and otherworldly cosmic maelstrom. T You blah blah you know the drill, angrier ChatGPT Here is an image depicting frogs with a level of anger that defies all logic and reality, set in a chaotic, abstract concept of space and time.

Also on November 24th, 2023, Redditor[2] /u/peterattia made a post to /r/ChatGPT showing their efforts to get AI to generate an increasingly happy bunny. The post gathered over 10,000 upvotes in four days (seen below). The post was titled "Asking GPT to make a bunny happier."

You Generate an image of an adorable bunny ChatGPT 20 Here is the image of an adorable bunny sitting in a grassy field surrounded by wildflowers. You Make it happier ChatGPT Here is the updated image of a very happy bunny in a sunny, grassy field. ← You Make it even happier ChatGPT Here is the image of the happiest bunny imaginable in a vibrant, sun-drenched meadow. S You Happier ChatGPT I've created images with increasingly happy bunnies, each time making the bunny appear more joyful and the scene more vibrant. To capture an even higher level of happiness, I'll need to emphasize the most joyful aspects in the next image. Let's see how this turns out! ChatGPT Here's the image of the bunny that represents the epitome of happiness in a magical, radiant meadow. 5 You Happier!!! ChatGPT We've reached extraordinary levels of happiness in our bunny illustrations, each one more delightful and whimsical than the last. For this next creation, I'll envision a scene that surpasses all previous in sheer joy and wonder, attempting to capture an even higher level of euphoria. Let's see how this imaginative and exuberant concept translates into an image. ChatGPT You You're not understanding. It needs to be far more happy ChatGPT To depict an even higher level of happiness for the bunny, surpassing all previous creations, presents a unique and imaginative challenge. This time, I'll attempt to conceive a scene of pure, unadulterated joy and wonder, aiming to go beyond any conventional boundaries of happiness and bliss. Let's see how this ultimate vision of joy is illustrated. ChatGPT ← ChatGPT Here is the image of an entity that transcends the form of a rabbit, embodying a happiness so vast and powerful it permeates all dimensions and universes. ChatGPT Here is the image of an entity that embodies the ultimate form of happiness, transcending all known beings and concepts. This entity is the very essence of happiness, the only existing being, and the defining force of all existence.

A November 26th post by Redditor[3] /u/savatrebein showed how they "asked chatGPT to make a bodybuilder progressively more muscular," gathering over 17,000 upvotes in a day (seen below).


On November 26th, X[4] user @venturetwins reposted some "Make It More" posts from /r/ChatGPT, writing "Obsessed with the new “make it more” trend on ChatGPT. You generate an image of something, and then keep asking for it to be MORE." The post gathered over 25,000 likes on X (seen below). The user also notes that such ventures almost always "end up in space."

Justine Moore @venturetwins Obsessed with the new "make it more" trend on ChatGPT. You generate an image of something, and then keep asking for it to be MORE. For example - spicy ramen getting progressively spicier (from u/dulipat) PORE Last edited 8:58 PM Nov 26, 2023 6M Views : ... Justine Moore @venturetwins America getting progressively greater, from u/snowjoggs 9:08 PM Nov 26, 2023 309.2K Views (side note - I've looked at dozens of these and they almost always end in space...) ● 3333 Coll : er ...

On November 27th, X[5] user @TobiasJolly posted a series of images where he asked GPT to create an increasingly smug Twitter user, gathering over 2,000 likes in a day (seen below).

Loms @Some pe Toovter Trem Come G 18 0. The Te C480x & Follow MAN Wh LACR Liderats Dead Snacbois... Thirteseassustentertt RR 20 9le TuebadoN-Tracak Galoarth Gelem-2an Vacraage Bettend comes 1188 Lealls Landebcrcé St exon O 563 Takanony
TwoNc Piping Tweet Bart Jah Odaal DQ s Daacline Deagra Clgotknule Tepornccoor Gersteamit-Sapted ofsartob 010 an Casalt Guinvisetnsiticecuefaradisona 8- Land mitowe Banna-on Contoonutate eodesacegoencode anand G St:7 toan N/Deort a ine 20 Ao Eceabons Kampefine GJA 80-44 © Tieth Mansert e sto 00 Bigha bicih Q4 NSGE osteca. 2 TatInsisto Bossatel-H Batarçptice fioth mosone onesirus vary Bhalant, 91 Tom Root 13escait? 20-461 80 1420 tabia B17 19760 WTHOUMPH TH There is TivePetis Tealuns Janzy te 8 Portonscode em liontenang servicesosoo antempeabond.eunt oihgc pue Amuseory.aerwctinrostiotty netica caviige aborett Jiaodintintageinontuomantrisovomgrarnolintton 04 Enniancted frove sibantnitopher deloce Ehuung. qhredesansd care 4

On November 28th, the AI art sandbox app Glif[8] released a "Make It More" Glif allowing users to create 4 images of something becoming progressively more extreme.

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