Erosion Bird meme depicting a bird-like being on a snowy mountain.

Erosion Bird / Opium Bird

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Erosion Bird, originally known as Opium Bird and also known as Meme from 2027 or 2027 Bird, is the name given to an AI-generated picture of a large bird-like creature that is depicted on a snow-covered mountain. The bird, being larger than humans, became popularized on TikTok in September 2023 (similar to fellow fake cryptid Siren Head) as users on the platform created more artificial intelligence art featuring it. Users began calling it Opium Bird in reference to the record label Opium because its fur coat resembled the fashion aesthetic of rappers signed to the label. Many of the videos featuring Erosion Bird used the caption Calm Luh Fit.


On September 12th, 2023, TikToker @Dre[1] uploaded the first video featuring the Erosion Bird, which he uploaded without a name. Posting it in an SCP-like fashion, he captioned the TikTok featuring several AI-generated birds stating that bird-like beings were supposedly discovered in an Antarctic mountain range as an example of Weirdcore (shown below).

@drevfx "Bird-like beings discovered in an Antarctic mountain range" (2023) #weirdcore #aiart #conspiracy ♬ interface – Sgarz


On September 14th, 2023, Dre uploaded another TikTok[2] with more AI-generated birds, which he then called "Opium Birds" after someone replied that they would be in the "Dream Blunt Rotation." This TikTok went on to receive over 300,000 likes and 1.2 million views in two weeks (shown below).

@drevfx Replying to @khalideh536 "Opium Birds" pt.2 #opiumbirds #kencarson #weirdcore #conspiracy #aiart #opiumbeast ♬ interface – Sgarz

TikToker Yujiisthebestmc reposted the original Dre TikTok, this time replying to a comment made on one of his TikToks, calling the creatures Erosion Birds, which subsequently helped the name stick.

Further TikTokers would later repost earlier made TikToks by Dre but began using the hashtag "#ErosionBirds," as seen in the TikTok by dum.ugly[3] on September 28th, 2023 (shown below).

@dum.ugly What does the erode #erosionbird ♬ Dead on Fire Funk (Slowed) – DJ Oliver Mendes

Various Examples


♬ interface – Sgarz


♬ interface – Sgarz
@drevfx Replying to @moneerflih "Opium Birds" pt.5. 'First Contact': [Faces REDACTED] (Following the recent discovery of the bird-like beings in an antarctic mountain range, scientists recorded their first contact with them…) #conspiracy #weirdcore #opiumbirds #opiumbeasts #kenkarson ♬ interface – Sgarz


♬ interface – Sgarz

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