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Moetron, known as KimeKona (Japanese: キメこな) or KimeKona-chan (キメこなちゃん) on the Japanese web, is a community-made character comprised of various features taken from anime characters. She was designed as a character that focuses on moe attributes, as well as general cuteness and purity. However, due to the mismatched features, many considered the resulting character to be an abomination. She is described as having a disassociative personality disorder as a result of all the different characters used to create her, and can go from being tsundere to kuudere to yandere in quick succession. The stitching on her body in certain artwork is used to illustrate the various parts she is comprised of. Her birthday is May 7th.


On Futaba Channel

According to Pixiv Encyclopedia[1] and several wiki pages/blog posts,[2][3] Moetron was first created on img, one of the /b/-like boards in the Japanese anonymous imageboard community Futaba Channel (2chan), in late 2009 or early 2010. She was made for Konashine (こな死ね), a well known troll who had been vandalizing Lucky Star threads in the board and sent "Die! Konata…Die!" to every single post with Konata Izumi's pictures. Circa 2009, to poke fun at him, img users started creating a vast amount of mashups of Konata and other characters to test how much "Konata essence" was needed to stimulate his emotion. This mashup series is called "konachan", "konachan!" or "konachang!" (purposely written in alphabet) and some of illustrations in the series are archived on Pixiv by the creators.[4]

Early examples of konachan series

This series continued even after the troll was gone, and eventually a "moeblob"[5] of Konata and several other characters, using a template image of Konata (shown below, left), came to be known as one established character: KimeKona (shown below, right). The name is an abbreviation for Kimee Konata (きめぇこなた, lit. "Creepy Konata") or Kimera Konata (キメラこなた, lit. "Chimera Konata"). Also, this series of expolitables of that Konata template image is called KonaCora (こなコラ, lit. "Konata Collage") in img as well as Pixiv.[6]

Izumi Konata Gretel Ikeda Kana Noumi Kudryavka Moetron

On 4chan

The template of Konata had already become a popular exploitable on 4chan's boards outside of Moetron for various other characters. However, KimeKona was first posted on 4chan's /a/ board on May 7th 2010, where she was swiftly dubbed as "Moetron" by the board's users.

File 1273245283-psH362 KB. 803x790. 1272454991768 Anonymous 05/07/10(Fri)11.29 No.34491718 Anonymous 05/07/10(Fn)11.24 No.34491535 WHAT HAS SCIENCE DONE Anonymous 05/0T/10(Fri)11:29 No.34491723 Anonymous 05/07/10(Fri)11:16 No.34491353 like to guess that the Sousuke KZASTEaG25 05/07/10(Fri)11:30 No.34491724 Muteboy IctigNMWp 05/07/10(Fri)11:16 No.34491355 RDRI> DRRRI yUinyanZc. 05/07/10(Fr)11 24 No.34491543 i just assumed that the blue hair was miku's dat n Anonymous 05/07/10(Fri)11.30 No.34491734 Anonymous 05 07/10(Fri)11:24 No.34491545 TS ALL THE SAME S--- Don't forget Guts, Akagi and Jotaro Anonymous 05/07/10(Fri)11:30 No.34491744 05/07/10/Fri)1124 No.34491552 File 1273245862.09.(492 KB. 2089x1464. 1260370567998 Anonymous 05/07/10Fri)11:17 No. 34491365 IT LOOKS SO WRONG YET SO RIGHT DID SOMEONE SAY 05/07/10(Fri)11:30 No.34491745 File12732462531pg-(110 KB 380x550, 1259268876463 jpg) Anonymous 05/07/10Frni)11:17 No.34491373 Milfeulle is my Waifu iS YurS 0507/10Fr)11:17 No 34491377 Anonymous 0507/10(Fn)1124 No.34491554 That would be Yu 05/07/10/Fri)11:37 No.34491898 Anonymous 05 07/10(Fn)11 24 No.34491561 ALL HAIL MOETRON! Anonymous 05/07/10Fri)11:18 No.34491381 It should have Harlock cape, Guts closed aye, Ryoma s--- eating grin, Akag nose and Jotaro hat ? Maybe scrap the Jotaro hat. give him a stand Still dont know what about Simon though, maybe the coredrill ? GUYS HOW DO I TURN OFF CAPITAL LETTERS? Sousuke lKZAFTE G25 05/07/10(Fri)1125 No.34491565 tripfags everywhere LvxlojwmsQ 0507/10(Fr)11.18 No 34491389 File1273245502upsH36 KB, 198x225. 1263440989962 ipal the girl from saki konota damn WHY DO I KNOW THIS THINGS Anonymous 05/07/10(Fri)11:40 No.34491971 ipg) WE PLAY WITH 05/07/10(Fri)1125 No.34491571 Anonymous 05/07/10(Fri)11:18 No.34491392 What can't science do? Anonymous 05/07/10(Fri)11:44 No.34492080 The Anonymous 05/07/10(Fri)11:18 No.34491398 WHAT NAME DO WE GIVE IT? Anonymous 05/07/10(Fri)11:45 No.34492109 Anonymous 05/07/10(Fri)11:25 No.34491578 Anonymous 05/07/10(Fri)11:19 No.34491408 Anonymous 05/07/10(Fri)11:25 No.34491587 s 05/07/10(Fri)11.46 No.34492164 png) I only got Tomoyo from Clannad, Konata from Lucky Star, and Ikeda from Saki. s 05/07/10Fri)11:19 No.34491410 Supa supa kawai File 1273245563 ipsH25 KB. 450x268. fullofuck㈣ Hayate 149 86le91uW 05/07/10(Fri)11:26 No.34491592 Bring your mom back to life KB, 548x673, Kawai Usag_Chan Haruhi Chan.) Rbo lynVR.xq/s2 05/07/10(Fri)11:19 No 34491417 File127824552 ipg38 KB, 619x470, 1264352040180.jpgl Anonymous 05/07/10(Fr)11:26 No.34491617 Anonymous 05/07/10(Fri)11:49 No.34492256 the what is this i dont even 05/07/10(Fri)11:20 No.34491442 Anonymous 05/07/10(Fri)11.49 No. 34492288 File 1273247394 io9-(66 KB, 500x451, 1268753496584 jpg) Anonymous 05/07/10(Fri)11.20 No.34491445 png) DONT ASK ME BRO! 05/07/1 Anonymous 05/07/10(Fri)11:20 No.34491452 Anonymous 05/07/10(Fr)11 27 No 34491631 File 1273246030 jpg(124 KB, 728x1049, 2m6om51 jpg) Anonymous 05/07/10(Fr)11.55 No 34492434 Muteboy IctWoNMWo5M 05/07/10(Fri)11:21 No 34491458 The Anonymous 05 07/10(Fn)13 02 No 34494514 Anonymous 05/07/10(Fri)11:21 No.34491478 ITT: FAPFAPFAPFAPFAPFAPFAP Anonymous 05/07/10(Fr)11.27 No 34491633 Anonymous 05/07/10(Fi)13:13 No 34494811 Looks like Virus-Tarn I recognize most of the characters this.. supposed to represent, but who is the gray hair supposed to be? Reminds me of Tear, though I wouldn't say she's moe Anonymous 05/07/10(Fr)1127 No.34491643 no glasses? f--- your s--- op Anonymous 05/07/10(Fri)11:22 No.34491492 Did you HAVE to post that? Ugh, bad memories. Anonymous 05/07/10(Fn)11.27 No.34491651 Starfish Star !b2QK7Ld+Xv2 05/07/10(Fri)14:54 No 34498308 File 1273258467 gif-(257 KB, 300x 169, fucken saved gif) Anonymous 05/07/10(Fri)11:22 No.34491493 Fle1273245737 png-(33 KB, 195x 195, 1272148612507 png) is this when MOE goes FULL RETARD? L.I lke it Anonymous 05/07/10(Fri)11:28 No 34491670 What the f--- is wrong Anonymous 05/07/10(Fn)15:04 No 34498588 She does not have the square ribbons typical for Miku. The hair is also too short for Ruri from Martian Successor Nadesico.. Anonymous 05/07/10(Fn)11 28 No 34491680 Im pretty sure you're right. The hairband gives it away, it's Gretel in her schoolgirl outfit Fom after they "win" at the end of the series See pic, it's a screenshot from the "music Anonymous 05/07/10(Fri)11:22 No.34491502 Fle 1273245753 gif(14 KB, 450x450, sciencel.gif) pretty sure the grey hair and blue eye is Kudo, not Tomoyo Anonymous 05/07/10(Fr)11 28 No 34491681 File 1273246115 png116 KB, 589x375, 1265670161656.png) Anonymous 05/07/10(Fri)11:22 No.34491509 Anonymous 05/07/10(Fr)1128 No.34491690 BRB, doing the same thing with Ryoma Nagare, Simon, Koji Kabuto, Harlack and Violence Jack THIS IT WILL BE HER NAME Anonymous 05/07/10 Fri)11:23 No.34491519
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Various anonymous users would often create threads featuring just the original image. Initially they did not receive much attention, until users started posting artwork of her as well. Users on 4chan's /a/ board tend to make posts celebrating her birthday, May 7th, each year.[7]

Various Examples

Since creation, large amounts of fan-art have been created for the character. Moetron has spread to various places; primarily image hosting or fan-art sites such as DeviantArt,[8] Pixiv,[9] and Tumblr.[10]

Search Interest

External References

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"The request was completed by a tripfag from /a/, and the “original fanart” of Moetron was born. After that, she took off. As more fanart of her began to pop up, she was dubbed “Moetron” by another random /a/sshole"

Yeah, this entry looks like it was written by someone from /a/.


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