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Name My Band

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Name My Band is a series of recurring threads in the /b/ (random) board on 4chan. Each post typically begins with a group photograph and a request for viewers to give the subjects an appropriate band name, to which other users respond with jokes mocking the those pictured in the photo.


The earliest known "name my band" thread was submitted to 4chan on October 25th, 2010, featuring a group photo of four young teenagers (shown below).

Anonymous 10/25/10 (Mon)22:40:09 No.282382XXX Reply] hey guise name my band? 3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view Anonymous 10/25/10 (Mon)22:41:14 No.282382xXX Chink 182 □ Anonymous 10/25/10(Mon)22:42:07 No.282383°X LOL □ Anonymous 10/25/10(Mon)22:42:12 No.28238300. File 1288060932 ipg-(61 KB, 577x611) DO IT!


On March 27th, 2011, a photograph of four teenage girls with caption "hey guys! name my band!" was posted to 4chan (shown below).

hey guys! name my band!! □ Anonymous 03/27/11 (Sun)23:24:19 No.318800908 Walrus and Friends □ Anonymous 03/27/11 (Sun)23:25:50 No.318801240 Jupiter and the Moons Anonymous 03/27/11 (Sun)23:25:56 No.318801258 One out of Ten.

On April 8th, 2012, a "name my band" thread featuring a photo of the 1960s English rock band The Beatles was posted on 4chan (shown below).

File: 1333937244jpg-(128 KB, 1024x768) □ Anonymous (ID: CEgGRISi) 04/08/12(Sun)22:07:24 No.392039542 Hey /b/, name my band? [Reply] Anonymous (ID: cDVmUHsV) 04/08/12(Sun)22:08:02 No.392039735 Oasis

On June 2nd, a Facebook[5] page titled "I like the sound you make when you shut the fuck up" created a gallery of "name my band" thread screenshots. On October 4th, an entry for "Name My Band" was created on the Internet culture wiki Encyclopedia Dramatica.[6] On December 6th, 2013, a screenshot of a "name my band" thread was submitted to the /r/4chan[4] subreddit (shown below).

File: 1385407280493 ipg-(73 KB, 720x540, 259977 224696247565235 81)jpg) Anonymous 11/25/13(Mon)13:21:20 UTC-6 No 517960571 Replies: 517962731 51796293 517964865 517965315 517965987 517967001 517967104 Sup f------. Name our band Anonymous 11/25/13(Mon)13:23:27 UTC-6 No.517960831 the salty breath girls and the backup f---? Anonymous 11/25/13(Mon)13:34:23 UTC-6 No.517962226 Replies: 517962981 The Dankest Diarrhea or Pre-Pube Paramore Anonymous 11/25/13(Mon)13:36:03 UTC-6 No.517962471 Replies: 517965653 Christian H--- Party ! Anonymous 11/25/13(Mon)13:37:27 UTC-6 No. 517962665 Replies: >>517965653 Assface and the foreskins Anonymous 11/25/13(Mon)13:37:54 UTC-6 No.517962731 Jesus thats the most awkward photo lve ever seen Anonymous 11/25/13(Mon)13:38:47 UTC-6 No.517962848 Replies: :517965653 Beta beats and the beast >> □ Anonymous 11/25/13(Mon)13:39:10 UTC-6 No.517962895 Suburban Rebel Prom Nite Deluxxx

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