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NATOWave refers to a series of pro-NATO memes, including music remixes and photoshops using NATO-related imagery, videos and audio edited with a vaporwave aesthetic, comparable to other synthwave movements like fashwave. NATOWave began with a music remix posted to YouTube in February 2021 and became increasingly popular during the 2022 Russian-Ukraine conflict, particularly on the r/NATOWave subreddit, 4chan, YouTube and Twitter.


The earliest known post using the term "NATOWave" is a YouTube[1] video posted by Schizo Pilled on February 19th, 2021 titled, "N A T O W A V E" (shown below). The video features the song "Little Dark Age" over war footage, particularly of fighter jets and tanks, edited with a VHS-like vaporwave aesthetic. The video gained over 22,700 views in a year.


On April 19th, 2021, the r/NATOWave[2] subreddit was created. That day, user LEFTOID_DESTROYER created a lounge post[3] to discuss the subreddit's intentions and use. The subreddit is used to share pro-NATO memes and vaporware mixes in the vaporware aesthetic. For example, on April 29th, 2021, Redditor GMMestimator posted a photoshop to /r/NATOWave[7] of the NATO council, gaining over 410 upvotes in a year (shown below, left). On May 3rd, Redditor[8] 420thWarCrime posted a photoshop of a NATO aircraft carrier with the text, "CHINA WILL NOT TAKE TAIWAN" overtop, gaining over 500 upvotes in a year (shown below, right).

where there is unity there is victory CHรNA WILL NOTTAKE TAIWAN

NATOWave memes became increasingly popular during the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022, including on the subreddit r/NonCredibleDefense. On March 6th, 2022, r/NonCredibleDefense[10] user Blazing_The_Trail posted a NATOWave meme, gaining over 7,000 upvotes in a month (shown below).

On March 29th, YouTuber[6] Aussie_Mantis posted a NATOwave edit, writing in the description, "Had enough of Soviet Propaganda and literal Nazi Simpery shown on top of Synthwave? Welcome to the West, 'Comrade,'" gaining over 158,000 views

On April 1st, Redditor H W B U S H posted an edit to r/NATOwave[9] using clips of Ukraine retaliating against Russia, gaining over 570 upvotes in two weeks (shown below).

On April 5th and 7th, YouTuber[4][5] wahrheit posted NATOWave remixes, gaining over 34,000 views and 28,000 views respectively in roughly a week (shown below, left and right). On the 5th, an anonymous user of 4chan's[11] /pol/ board started a NATOWave thread, asking anons to share all the NATOWave memes they have, inspiring over 315 replies. Some users on Twitter[12] and 4chan[13] have accused the trend of being a propaganda PSYOP.

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in reply to Iso

That promise was only legally binding about putting troops and WMD in East Germany โ€“ and has been kept to this day. Leaving aside that the entity the verbal agreements were made to (USSR) no longer exists (rendering that 'promise' pointless) a verbal, non-legally-binding agreement cannot overrule the rights of sovereign nations to join security alliances if they choose to. If Russia didn't want its neighbors seeking protection (from Russia), it should have been less of a belligerent, interfering asshole over the decades.

Don't make apologies and excuses for Russia. Nothing can justify this invasion. Ukraine was right to want NATO membership โ€“ and the fact they were invaded should make that obvious.


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