Oh Baby, a Triple!

Oh Baby, a Triple!

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"Oh Baby, a Triple!" is a memorable quote said by a preadolescent video gamer in a YouTube video after eliminating three enemy players with one shot in an online match of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Since being uploaded online in 2010, the soundbite has been used in many montage parody videos to mock young and obnoxious gamers in online first-person shooters.


On February 7th, 2010, YouTuber LustruM uploaded in-game footage of a free-for-all match in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in which a young boy is heard loudly rejoicing after killing three enemy players, who moving in a single file line, with one sniper rifle shot (shown below).

"Oh baby, a triple! Oh yeah! And that was my triple collateral on Free-For-All."

Many viewers claimed the shot was faked since the enemy players did not appear to be attacking each other in the free-for-all mode. The original video no longer exists, but the one above has gained more than 3.9 million views as of September 2015.


On April 5th, 2010, YouTuber PersonGaming uploaded footage of a Call of Duty game in which a player kills three enemies at once with a claymore explosive, followed by the "Oh baby a triple" audio clip (shown below, left). On June 21st, a Facebook[1] page titled "Oh Baby a Triple" was launched. On April 9th, 2011, YouTuber lokovodo uploaded an EDM remix of the "Oh baby a triple" video (shown below, right).

On January 5th, 2012, YouTuber SerenityShotz uploaded a video titled "Oh Baby a Triple No Scope," in which a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 player performs a "no scope" triple kill shot with a sniper rifle (shown below, left). On August 13th, 2013, YouTuber xcalizorz uploaded footage of himself playing a Call of Duty match in which he yells "Oh baby a triple" after getting a triple-kill (shown below).

On June 15th, 2014, YouTuber Dench Dank reuploaded the video, gaining over 2.4 million views and 2,900 comments over the next nine months. The same day, Redditor Jarzeh submitted the video to the /r/montageparodies subreddit, where it gathered more than 530 votes (99% upvoted) and 30 comments prior to being archived.

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