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Ooh Face (not to be confused with the O Face) is an exploitable illustration of a man frowning with his lips pursed in the shape of an "O." The image is typically used either as a profile avatar on image boards and discussion forums or a reaction face to express confusion and also a cringing reaction, most notably on the Body Building Forums.


According to the Body Building Forums,[1] the face was taken from a panel in the third issue of the Defenders comic book published in 2005. In the original comic, the character Bruce Banner is shown making odd facial expressions as he attempts to transform himself into his alter ego The Hulk:


The earliest known use of the image as a reaction face can be found on 4chan’s /tg/[2] (Traditional Games) board in a thread about the Zombie Quest comic series posted on September 23rd, 2010. In the thread, one of the repliers posted the "Ooh Face" to express that he disagrees with another poster's view.

Anonymous 09/25/10(Sat)04:04 No. 12216508 File 1285401890. ipg-(57 KB, 188x220, 1285137398646.jpg) 12216448 Man... whatever


On November 8th, 2010, Body Building Forums[3] member Ozzy posted the face as a reply to a thread about trolling women on Facebook. On June 19th, 2011, Body Building Forums[4] member Egomanius started a thread urging other users to post animated GIFs featuring the Ooh Face, which received 28 responses in the following 24 hours. The same day, Body Building Forums[6] member yaco78 posted an Ooh Face GIF thread, which accumulated over 175 replies in the next two months. On January 1st, 2012, The Comic Board[5] forum member E posted the Ooh Face in a thread about bad comic art.
The face also became a mascot for the r/cringe subreddit.

Various Examples


Michael Jordan Laughing

A commonly posted animated GIF example features basketball player Michael Jordan laughing on stage during an episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show in which Oprah surprised Jordan with a visit from fellow basketball player Charles Barkley (shown below).

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I’ve been making this face for years.
I called it “pervert face” and used it to make people uncomfortable.
I think it’s funny as hell,(when I do it) but we’ll see how the interwebs react.
Oh yeah. The obligatory:


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