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Randytaylor69, also referred to as Rose, is the YouTube handle of Rosemary Lisa Wolfe Gotto, a British vlogger who has garnered minor online fame through her short and witty monologue videos touching on a variety of topics, including technology and video games. Despite her hiatus from social media sites in recent years, Rose became a subject of idol-worship following the discovery of her YouTube channel on the imageboard site 4chan.

Online History

Rose was born on April 5th, 1986.[1] Her earliest known Internet activity comes from 2003, which includes profiles created on sites such as LiveJournal and DeviantArt. [2][3]

YouTube Channel

In 2007, she began to upload videos to her YouTube channel Randytaylor69.[4] In 2011, she created a secondary, game-specific YouTube channel under the name Roseplaysgames.[5] Both accounts ceased activity in 2013.

Discovery by 4chan

In the summer of 2011, Rose's video "how to build a PC" (see above) was posted to 4chan's /g/ (Technology) board and subsequently reached /v/ due to the work of a certain follower known as "stalker" by some accounts.

Identity Doxxed

Rose eventually became a victim of doxxing by the aforementioned stalker, resulting in disclosure of her offline identity and her family's personal information, prompting the vlogger to remove much of her personal information from her social media sites. As a side effect of this doxing, threads about Rose were banned on both /g/ and /v/, prompting later threads to be made on boards such as /b/ and /r9k/, as well as on other websites.[6]


In August 2012, a subreddit community for Rose, /r/randytaylor69[7] was created as an alternate hub for her fans to congregate, followed by the 2013 launch of a website featuring archived copies of videos Rose had uploaded to the now-defunct Q&A video messaging community Vyou.[10] In 2014, a board for Rose was created on the imageboard community 8chan.[8] Another fansite for her was created at an unknown time, which is devoted to curating some of her archived photos as well as fan art.[9]

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