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The Great LonDini

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The Great LonDini is an apolitical white-hat hacker and hacktivist organization aimed at ending cyberbullying, including online racism, pedophilia and scamming, via doxxing the cyberbullies online. Members of The Great LonDini wear a white mask with black lipstick and eye paint, similar to the Guy Fawkes Mask Anonymous is known for, and mainly post to TikTok where they Stitch videos showing bullying and send their followers to report or harass them. LonDini is known to find the employers of the cyberbullies and criminals and send evidence of the harassment to them. The organization's TikTok accounts have been removed from TikTok a number of times for harassment.


The Great Londini began posting to social media in early 2021. On January 26th, 2021, @the.great.londini Instagram[1] page posted an image of the organization's logo, a devil-horns hand symbol mixed with a skull (shown below).

One of their earliest videos was posted to Instagram[2] on March 2nd, 2021, and is a reupload from their deleted TikTok account. It shows three people in black robes and white masks, including variations of the Guy Fawkes mask worn by Anonymous, telling everyone that they're not a "person, race or gender," but a movement aimed at taking down those who prey on the weak, and encouraging people to join them (shown below).

The group's latest TikTok[3] account,, posted its first video in April 2021 and gained over 2.3 million followers in four months. Their first video back claims they were banned nine times before, and lets viewers know they'll never give up (shown below). They also run a backup account @maskedjustice.

The TikTok account is frequently used by The Great Londini to Stitch videos in which bullying, criminal or unethical behavior is on display, with Londini exposing information about the bully in question, sometimes inspiring followers to report or harass them, and other times taking matters into his own hands and sending incriminating evidence of harassment to the harasser in question's employer. LonDini often uses the phrase "stupid games, stupid prizes" to end the videos.

For example, on April 28th, Londini Stitched a video of an allegedly disabled girl crying to a comment saying, "I got your name and DOB please I just need your SSN," exposing the account of the man, his age and claiming he sent the video and evidence to the man's employer in Florida, gaining over 8.6 million views in four months (shown below).

On July 28th, The Great LonDini posted a Stitch to a comment threatening a woman's baby, insinuating the users should harass the commenter, gaining over 6 million views in a month (shown below, left). On August 11th, The Great LonDini posted a video defending deceased officer Ella French[8] from bullies, saying people are only hating on her because she was a police officer and asking their followers to report any harassment they see, gaining over a million views in six days (shown below, right).

On August 14th, The Great LonDini conducted an interview with BBC Sounds,[5] in which he describes his efforts to "clean up TikTok" and do what the platform should be doing (shown below). On August 16th, Yahoo! News[6] and Lad Bible[7] also published pieces on LonDini.


The Great LonDini also runs a website at[4] The website includes a mission statement (bio), links to all their social media profiles and a merch section where you can buy three variations of LonDini masks (shown below).


The "Join Us" section of the site lists a number of rules required for joining the movement, which reads:

Being a Londini means, you stand with us against bullies, Pedophiles, scammers, and racists. By using our logo as your profile picture, you agree to the following terms:

o We have a 0 tolerance policy for bullying or harassing anyone online or offline.
o We don’t ever for any reason fight racism with racism.
o We don’t ever for any reason fight bullying with bullying.
o We do not discriminate against anyone for any reason.
o We do not get involved in political issues.
o When operating as a Londini, you must follow all social media community guidelines.
o We never threaten, taunt, or harass anyone online for any reason.
o We do not Dox FOR ANY REASON
o We do not threaten FOR ANY REASON
o We ONLY observe and report NOTHING MORE
o You must be 18+ years old.
o We always follow all local, state, and federal laws while operating as a Londini.

We are a positive movement! That means look for the good in everything and emphasize the positive in everything you see. For every negative comment you come across on someone's FYP, write five positives ones. Be the light.

If you do not agree with any of these guidelines, please refrain from calling yourself a LonDini. We lastly request that you remove the GLD logo from your profile picture.


The group has inspired a number of TikTokers and users across social media to join and call out bullying online under The Great LonDini banner (examples shown below, left and right).

The Great LonDini has inspired some criticism for the way they deal with potential cyberbullies and criminals, citing issues with sending harassment to deal with harassment.

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Phillip Hamilton
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Yeah, I went into this thinking it was really cringey, but staying apolitical and actually directly confronting obvious internet harassers rather than going after these big, unreachable orgs and goals saves them a bit as compared to a group like Anonymous. Not sure why they're called "hacktivists" though, not really hacking anything


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