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Zoie Burgher

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Zoie Burgher is a YouTube streamer who became infamous for her sexually provocative online presence. Her rapid rise in popularity has been controversial in the YouTube community with criticisms and conversation coming from fellow YouTube personalities including Pyrocynical, Keemstar, Philip DeFranco, RiceGum, and many others.

Online History

Zoie Burgher began posting to social media in 2013.[4] According to Famous Birthdays, her Snapchat is viewed by over 200,000 people. Her Twitter account launched in December of 2013 and has over 636,000 subscribers as of February 2018.[5] She began streaming to Twitch where she played Call of Duty in minimal clothing, and often twerked on stream if she got a killstreak.

She had been banned three times from Twitch for overly sexual content before being ultimately expelled from the platform over a fourth ban in the summer of 2016, though she claims that ban was unfair, as she had not been streaming as provocatively prior to her fourth ban.[1]

Luxe Zoie @zoieburgher Follow ) Wow, I'm a badass. I got banned without streaming. Glorious. #BrokenSystem ? CWItchh Your account at www.twitch.tv/zoieburgher was the subject of a Terms of Service suspension for violating the following category: Porn or Other Sexually Explicit Content. As a result, we have given your account an indefinite suspension from using the site. For more information, including how to appeal, please read this support article. NOTE: If you appeal and we find the suspension to be valid, we reserve the right to preserve this indefinite suspension. For reference, please read:

She then began posting to YouTube, beginning with a since-deleted video explaining her recent Twitch ban. She quickly gained hundreds of thousands of followers, leading to news coverage from publications including Kotaku,[1] Rolling Stone,[6] and The Sun.[7] She began a collective of streamers known as Luxe Gaming, which includes Abigale Mandler​, Kiran, Linda Tena. On February 2nd, 2018, she announced a reality series featuring the members of Luxe Gaming (shown below, left). The first episode aired a week later (shown below, right).

Burgher has a Patreon where fans can pay for access to nude content.[8] Her subreddit,[9] created in July of 2015, has 8,000 subscribers.


Burgher is well known for the divisive reactions she caused in the YouTube community. Pyrocynical generated interest in her in September of 2016 when he posted a video in which he harshly criticized Burgher, saying no one would watch her if she did not show off her body (shown below, left). This video is cited by both Kotaku[1] and Rolling Stone[2] as one of the first major pieces of backlash against Burgher. The video caused Burgher and Scarce to respond, any Pyrocynical responded again in a video that gained over 2.4 million views (shown below, right).

In late 2016, Burgher ran a campaign that stated when she gained 1 million subscribers, she would release nudes on YouTube. When she reached 1 million views, she did release a video that featured her nude, but it was censored. She then began losing followers en masse. The drama was covered by Keemstar (shown below).

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