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Scarce is a YouTube news channel that is owned and run by John Scarce. The channel generally focuses on trending topics throughout YouTube in a manner similar to that of DramaAlert. As of September 2016 Scarce has over 2.7 million subscribers.

Online History

Scarce opened his channel on January 25, 2012 under the name "GoScarce" and initially uploaded Call of Duty gameplay videos, his first one being "MW2 Commentary: 2 Sick Clips! (AMAZING)"(below,left). The video ended up successful and Scared followed up with a video celebrating reaching 100 subscribers(below, right).


News Reporting

In October 23, 2013, John uploaded his first news video titled "(IRL) SB Apparel Site & Former SoaR Ollie Tries to Hack SoaR – SB Scarce"(shown below). This video gained over 50,000 views, and prompted Scarce to eventually abandon COD videos in favor of news-reporting.

GradeAUnderA Shoutout

Scarce's biggest growth however, came from fellow YouTuber GradeAUnderA and his video "GradeAUnderA vs Keemstar (Part 2) How To REALLY Piss Keem Off"(shown below) which was uploaded on June 25, 2016. In this video, Grade brought up Scarce's channel as an alternative to Keemstar, and that if Scarce were to get more subscribers than Keemstar, it would make DramaAlert irrelevant. Scarce ended up gaining 993,000 new subscribers and became the fastest growing channel of June 2016 thanks to Grade's video.[2]

Current Day

To date Scarce has made 1,246 videos, and over 357 million views. His most popular video: "YouTuber Sees MURDER While Streaming, PewDiePie Calls Out Comments, TmarTn's Back, Joey Salads"(shown below) has over 4 million views and 30,000 comments.


On August 2016, a Twitter account named "@TheScarceFiles" was created[1], which posted screenshots of past tweets from Scarce's Twitter. The account immediately got noticed by Scarce's fans who began spreading @TheScarceFiles's tweets. Scarce himself came to find out about the account and proceeded to delete many of his old tweets out of embarrassment.

Scarce & @JohnScarce what the TWEETS FOLLOWIN G FOLLOWERS LIKES 4 80 な tr Follow Tweets Tweets & replies Media TheScarceFiles @TheScarceFiles FOLLOWS YOu Account dedicated to preserving @JohnScarce's tweets The ScarceFiles @TheScarceFiles 1m Scarce @JohnScarce Joined August 2016 about to watch this 5 more times and then jack off to it 03/11/2013, 19:14 Photos and videos 25 RETWEETS 15 LIKES 25/08/2016, 04:15 164 RETWEETS 888 LIKES

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External References

[1] Twitter – @TheScarceFiles

[2] TubeFilter – Top 100 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels Worldwide • June 2016

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People aren't hating him for reporting the news, people are mainly criticizing him for his boring presentation, his repetitive delivery, and his inability to do research


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