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DJ Keemstar (also known as Killer Keemstar) is the online handle of video blogger Daniel Keem, who is best known for his YouTube news web series DramaAlert.[1][2] Within the vlogging community on YouTube, Keemstar is considered a highly divisive figure due to his history of frequent feuds and hostile exchanges with other YouTube content producers.

Online History

Keem was first featured in a video recorded and uploaded by his friend, YouTuber DERANKER, on January 21st, 2009. In the video, Keem is heard talking trash and trolling strangers while playing in Halo 3's multiplayer mode under the nickname DJ Keemstar. Within the first year of upload, the video garnered more than 100,000 views, ultimately serving as the first breakout moment for Keem.


DramaAlert is the online news show hosted by Keemstar with a new video being uploaded on a nearly daily basis. The show covers topics and drama surrounding online personalities, many of whom are YouTubers with a large fanbase or following. DramaAlert's most viewed video involves gameplay commentator Leafyishere and a woman who is best known for fucking her dog (shown below).[5]

New Host

On June 7th, 2016, Keem tweeted an announcement revealing that a new vlogger would be brought on board to replace him as the host of DramaAlert (shown below).

On June 15th, 2016, a new host by the name of TyBlueNews[3] was temporarily brought on to host DramaAlert (shown below, left), however it was announced on June 19th that TyBlue would stay on as the permanent host of DramaAlert (shown below, right).

Feuds with YouTube Personalities

Starting in May 2016, a number of influential YouTube personalities began posting videos directly aimed at "exposing" Keemstar in a critical light, something that other and lesser known YouTubers had done before. On May 5th, 2016, YouTuber iDubbbzTV uploaded a video titled "Content Cop – KEEMSTAR" in which iDubbbz talks about his issues with Keem (shown below).

On June 6th, 2016, Keem uploaded a video to his Twitter account to declare that a fellow YouTuber and friend had ""betrayed" him and that "no one is real!" (shown below).

On June 9th, YouTuber Pyrocynical uploaded his own video to share his opinions about Keemstar (shown below, left). On June 13th, 2016, YouTuber LeafyisHere uploaded a video titled "THE KEEMSTAR AND DRAMAALERT RANT" (shown below, right).

On June 29th, 2016, Keem uploaded a nearly hour long video to the DramaAlert channel titled "KEEMSTAR EXPOSED RESPONSE!" (shown below) in which he responds to the various allegations placed against him

Battle for the Channel

In the aftermath of being "betrayed" Keem announced on Twitter that he would start a new show on YouTube with a tweet on June 22nd, 2016 (shown below). The tweet linked out to a new channel titled "Battle for the Channel".[4]

Accusation of Statutory Rape Against Ray Diaz

On July 11th, 2019, Keemstar uploaded a video titled "LAPD ARREST him NOW! #DramaAlert #Metoo ( Ray Diaz )"[9] in which he accused YouTuber Ray Diaz of having sexual relations with Angelica Salek, who was 16 at the time they were allegedly together and also accused him of emotionally and physically abusing her.

Keemstar interviewed Salek on the episode, and Salek played audio of a man, allegedly Diaz, screaming at her, saying "“It’s not about you. Do I have to get hurt every time? Yes, I do. Say yes. Admit it. Stop lying.” In a interview The Hollywood Fix[10] on July 6th, Diaz argued that the audio was from an "acting lesson" (shown below). However, Keemstar had the full audio of the clip, which included him screaming “I’m tired of this. You make me a bad person.”

Salek also alleged that at one point Diaz' home was raided by police searching for her, and Diaz hid her inside a bed boxspring. In response to the video and social media pressure, the LAPD[8] tweeted that they had directed a team of investigators to look into the allegations (shown below).

LAPD HQ Follow @LAPDHQ The LAPD is aware of several social media posts related to a social media personality, alleging physical abuse and sexual relations with a minor. We take these allegations seriously. Currently, the Department has directed a group of investigators to look into these allegations. 2:44 AM - 12 Jul 2019


Keemstar has become widely popular online in the last few years, most notably due to his personality as well as his internet news show DramaAlert. Keemstar has also gathered a substantial amount of criticism from various people online, most notably on YouTube. On October 14th, 2015, YouTuber Chosen uploaded a video titled "Keemstar – Hypocrite, Racist, Psychopath." (shown below, left). Keemstar has responded to these claims several times including making a video titled "KEEMSTAR EXPOSED – Response" in which he responds to the various videos criticizing him (shown below, right).

"Alex is a Stupid Nigger"

Alex is a Stupid Nigger is a phrase that was uttered by Keem on a livestream in which he berates a man named Alex and calls for his viewers to type "Alex is a stupid nigger" in the stream's chat. This has become notorious for being used against Keem, especially in "Keemstar Exposed" type videos.


Code KEEM refers to various promotions done by Keemstar for various sites in which inputting the code "KEEM" on a purchase will result in a discount for said purchase. The phrase has also become an in-joke between Keem and his fans. It has also become a way to make fun of Keem by those who do not care for him


Gnomestar (or simply gnome) is a pejorative nickname given to Keem based on his pointy beard. The term gained popularity after iDubbbz's video on Keem, in which he's despicted destroying several lawn gnomes.


Fuck The Fans

"Fuck The Fans" is a quote uttered by Keem on one of his streams, claiming that he streams for the money and hates his fanbase and saying he was joking afterwards. In similar vein to the "Alex is a stupid nigger" quote, this quote has been used in "Keemstar Exposed" type videos.

"Let's Get Right Into The News"

"Let's Get Right Into The News" is the memorable introductory line from DramaAlert, which has been often mocked by Keem critics and parodied. One of the most common variations include the phrase "let's get right into the noose".


On October 25th, 2021, Keemstar tweeted[11] out that he was going to retire, with a full statement coming later that day. Though he later tweeted more information, his initial retirement tweet received 38,000 likes in one day (shown below).

KEEM @KEEMSTAR I am retiring full statement later today 10:33 AM - Oct 25, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone 1,350 Retweets 8,118 Quote Tweets 37.5K Likes

An official video talking about the retirement came the next day on October 26th, 2021, where he gave multiple different reasons for his declining interest in being the host of DramaAlert, and his seeking out a successor The video was posted on his main channel[12] and received 900,000 views in two days (shown below).

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