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Death Generator, previously known as Sierra Death Generator, is a meme generator which allows users to insert custom text into dialogue screens from various video games, including Super Mario 64, Metal Gear Solid, Pokémon, Stardew Valley and other popular franchises.


On October 26th, 2017, American programmer Foone Turing uploaded Sierra Death Screen Generator to GitHub. [1][2][3] The initial build of the generator allowed creating custom death screens based on the 1988 video game Police Quest II, with the developer promising to add support for more Sierra Games in the future.[4]

Initial release y master T foone committed on Oct 26, 2017 |Showing 7 changed files with 810 additions and 0 deletions. 0 parents commit e8bf30ca538b83 e -0,0 +1,26 @0 Sierra Death Screen Generator 3 This creates GAME OVER/YOU DIED screens as seen in Sierra Online's SCI engine. 4+Right now, it only supports Police Quest 2 + Creating a new font 8 This is mainly a guide for me so I don't forget. 10 + 1. Extract the font file from the game using one of the SCI viewers, like SCI Companion or SCI Viewer 11 2. Run to generate the font file + json file 12 +3. Edit the json file to add the height/origin/box/nul1-character fields 13+4. Screenshot a game over in the game, crop the death screen, then edit out the text foone @Foone PQ2 death generator is live! make ol' Jim Walls say whatever you want. JIM shakes his head and says YOU CAN MAKE ME SAY THINGS ANYTHING YOU \ANT i miss sierra games Destre-Restart L Quit 5:07 PM -26 Oct 2017

In the following years, support for numerous Sierra games, video games developed by other companies and such features as custom-text BSOD were added, with the project moving to its own website.[1] As of April 12th, 2019, Death Generator supported over 120 custom death screen options, including options for multiple retro games, as well as more recent titles inspired by their aesthetic, such as Stardew Valley and Undertale.


Death Generator allows users to insert custom text into dialogue screens from video games and other software. For certain titles available on the site, additional options are available, such as choice of Pokémon and opponent for Pokémon, or choice of fighter for Mortal Kombat II.

CAN YOU TAKE THE COLD? SUB-ZER0 Can you take the cold? Save Upload 4 Champion: sub_zero CHARMANDE L6 16 22 Gary WHAT? Unbeli evable CHARMANDER Gary: WHAT? Unbelievable! Save Upload Trainer bruno Pokemon: charizard v


On February 23rd, Death Generator was featured in an article by The Verge, with Foone Turing revealing his plans to continue expanding the list of titles available in the generator in the future.[5]

I have a todo list of games that’s longer than the list of games in the generator. Tons of fighting games have ending screens, like the King of Fighters series, or Street Fighter 2.” Chrono Chross is next on the list, as well as documentation for others to contribute their own generators, to speed up the process.

Codec Screen

On March 8th, 2018, Codec Screen from 1998 video game Metal Gear Solid was added to Death Generator.[6] In the following year, multiple notable parodies based on the Codec Screen were posted on various platforms, including Reddit, Twitter and Instagram.

foone @Foone The generator has been updated, it novw can do METAL GEAR SOLID (specifically, the PS1 version) PTT 98,ae MEMORY Snake. Do you think love can bloom, even if you cut back on funding? 1:52 AM -8 Mar 2018 PT T 40.85 MEMORY Thats how mafia works, Snake P TT 40.85 MEMORY Snake, do you at least have your airpods and Nintnedo Switch?


According to Alexa[7], as of April 12th, 2019, Death Generator was ranked 336,037th most popular website, with the rating improving by over 600,000 positions over the previous two months. In the US, the website was ranked 364,845th most popular.

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