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Rap Genius[1] is a lyrics site that crowdsources annotations including interpretations and references. Annotations can be suggested by any registered user as well as a number of verified artists[2] including 50 Cent, Nas, Mac Miller and Watsky. Since its launch in 2009, the site has expanded to include section for rock lyrics, poetry and news.


Rap Genius was developed in the summer of 2009 after founder Mahbod Moghadam was asked to explain the lyrics to the Cam'ron song "Family Ties"[3] with his former Yale University classmate Ilan Zechory to another Yalie, Tom Lehman. After explaining a line about Jamaican clothing[5], Lehman was so inspired, he began to build the site.[6] It launched in October 2009 as Rap Exegesis[4], with the intent of offering detailed explanations and context for rap lyrics. That December, the site was renamed Rap Genius and within a year, they had attracted approximately 75 contributing editors.

We hold our own, don't think you can move us or push And step to the side, that's why they call us "family ties" Dipset, dipset Jamaicans often wear mesh tank tops with a lot of little holes in them [Verse 2] From the back of the cop-ride To black-on-black, black when we cop rides I will not hide, "hi ma, hot thighs D--- on her she's c----eyed From whippin the bacon rolls to outside whippin the bac Annihilatin' those, I'm rakin' but makin' dough 80 holes in your shirt, there: your own Jamaican clothes I ain't talkin' the Poconos, I'm talkin' the Aspens, to slope You get the 'okey doke". Play me, baby I hope he know We break noses, call him baby Pinocchio (F-----' liar) I hold him with blue mittens, 2 pigeons, "what the f--- ar 1 house, 2 kitchens...who's bitchin'? I bring the diesel, won't see the Fu-Schnickens And I don't trust a ho That's mother to baby-mother M-----------, you look like a lady-lover I'll touch slap her, dap her, plus clap her When Cam'ron shoots you 80 times, youll have 80 holes in your shirt, and-voilà!-now you have a Jamaican shirt This is the line that inspired Rap Genius.. And this is the line that inspired Cam.. edit I delete I send feedback ▼ Authors ▼ Suggest an improvement

In November 2009, Rap Genius saw its first bit of press after annotating the lyrics to Jay-Z and Alicia Keys' 2009 single "Empire State of Mind."[12] That month, the review was featured on the Huffington Post[9], Newser[10] and BlackBook.[11] In January 2010, the Rap Genius Facebook fan page launched[7], gaining more than 388,000 fans as of July 2013. Around the same time, they launched their Twitter[8] account, which has accrued more than 100,000 followers within the same time period. As press around the site continued to build in 2011 and 2012 with features on Mashable[19], the Next Web[20], Esquire[21] and BetaBeat[22], other sections of the site launched including places to annotate rock lyrics and poetry and literature (shown below).

F. Scott Fitzgerald- The Great Gatsby (Chapter I) EDIT SOUNDCLOUD UR Save EDIT SPOTIFY URI(WAT? HOW DO I FIND THAT?) OTrack 1 on The Great Gatsby Save 100,463 views目161 annotations Embed Show song activity Admin ▼ Editor instructions Edit the text (shilft+L) In my younger and more vulnerable years my father gave me some advce fLike 84 Tweet 17 An instance of a parent's advice actually sticking with their child, but not being fully understood until a certain arc of events in the child's life y father gave me some advicecauses it to resonate with full force. that l've been turning over in my mind ever sinc edit I delete I send feedback é RED ▼ Authors ▼ Suggest an improvement "Whenever you feel like criticizing any one," he told me, "just remember tha all the people in this world haven't had the advantages that vou've had. WHERE DOES THIS BELONG? He didn't say any more, but we've always been unusually communicative inao reserved wav and L understood that he meant a areat deal more than that In Rap Genius 。Poetry Genius Rock Genius . News Genius

In October 2012, Rap Genius announced[23] that venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz would be investing $15 million into the site, one of the fastest-growing sites to come out of the startup incubator Y Combinator. News of this investment spread on Wired[24] and Gawker.[25] In April 2013, the Rap Genius founders were interviewed on NPR Music[27], shortly before they announced the launch of News Genius (shown below), a way to annotate current events, on May 1st.[27]

ABOUT REMARKS ON NSA WIRETAPPING, PRISM President Barack Obama - Remarks on NSA Wiretapping, PRISM President Barack Obama's response to the shocking revelation of the NSA's order demanding Verizon's phone records for all its customers 18 annotations MORE NSA LYRICS Like TwO 2 On United States Surveillance of European U EmbedShow song activity Tweet How does this work? Nothing in the President's job description involves "keep[ing] people safe." In fact, the whole gig is to uphold the Constitution. more important than any commitment I make: American people safe and, number two, to uphold the Constitution, and that includes what I consider to be a Constitutional right to privacy observance of civil liberties. number one, to keep th Despite that, this President has long used the "keep [us] safe" terminology. This article examines the costs of normalizing that kind of language and an +3 'ES OJ (!Authors-L Suggest an improvement Now, the programs that have been discussed over the last couple days in the


Rap IQ

Once a person makes an account, they can earn Rap IQ points for their contributions to the site.[28] Rap IQ can be earned by writing new annotations or suggestions to already existing ones as well as having those submissions upvoted by site editors and moderators. Once 200 IQ is earned, users are granted access to the Rap Genius forums[29], where people may post about any topic and posts are ranked with a voting system similar to Reddit. Earning 300 allows users to message each other and 600 allows access to annotate songs that have already been published or completed. There is a live leaderboard[30] that ranks the users with the most IQ points.

The Rap Genius Contributors SameOldShawn 252,433 ClementRGF 93,932 PleaseDe-ModMe 79,243 TheDarkKnight 69,138 Magnitude901 164,935 Nebja 84,187 DLizzle Mabo 283,297 Brandon nebja 100,466 176,331 hellrel 68,903 81,762 palacelight 75,497 rg

The Rap Map

In August 2010, Rap Genius launched the Rap Map[13], which uses Google Maps to pinpoint notable places and landmarks from rap and hip hop songs in a number of cities including New York City, Houston, New Orleans, Detroit and Miami, linking back to the lyrics in question. That month, the map was linked on Programmable Web[14], Mashable[15], Refinery29[16], Gizmodo[17] and the Huffington Post.[18]

Edit I Destroy Holly Grove Hollygrove I throw it up like I'm trying to lose my gut -From "3 Peat" by Lil Wayne Holly Grove is Lil Wayne's neighborhood, a tough area where Wayne grew up in the middle of the violent drug scene. The neighborhood was heavily flooded during Hurricane Katrina when the 17th Street Canal Levee failed, so Wayne now often refers to it as "The Water" Seventh Ward Orlean 39 61 ..ilun try Clu Airline Dr Mid-City Tulane Ave 46 ne 10 3046 3139 Treme Lafitte Washington Square Holly Grove Jefferson orhGert Town Earhart Blvd Co Squ Jefferson Hwy 10 River Rd Poydras St New Palmer A anebleau Dr

Verified Accounts

In March 2012, Rap Genius began offering Verified Accounts to artists who wanted to annotate their own lyrics. The first Verified Account was given to the rapper Nas[31] (shown below), who has gone on to earn 10,875 Rap IQ from making annotations and suggestions on his own work as well as lyrics by other artists including Salaam Remi, Rick Ross and No I.D. In January 2013, Verified Accounts were expanded to authors, poets and memoirists.[32]


As of July 2013, Rap Genius has a steadily increasing Alexa[33] global rank of 2,478 and US rank of 793. Quantcast[34] reports Rap Genius attracting more than 6.8 million unique monthly visitors in the US and 14.4 million globally, resulting in a rank of 172.

Alexa Traffic Ranks How is this site ranked relative to other sites? 1000 Global Rank 2,478 : 1,296 5000 10,000 20,000 Rank in United States ⑦ 793 2012 2013

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