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Goggles is an open source Javascript tool that can be saved to a user's bookmarks. When the user clicks on the bookmark while looking at any website, a paintbrush tool pops up. The user can then draw all over the page and also see art left by other users, only viewable once the script is active. This is not to be confused with Google Goggles, a downloadable image recognition application used for reverse image search.


Goggles[1] was created by a student called "gcr" as a final project for an art class. When the assignment was handed in that winter, 4300 users had visited the site and 3700 pages had been Goggled.

It is currently hosted and maintained by Synapse Software.[2] The earliest activity on gcr's GitHub page was on November 21, 2010.[3] Three days later, he uploaded a demonstration of the script to YouTube. The idea was to mimic Hoodwinkd[4], a tool that allowed its users to add commentary to websites that didn't have comments enabled on them.[5]


Once the bookmark is clicked, the user is given two toolbars: color choices and paintbrush size. They can then treat the page like a canvas. All other graffiti also is shown. Since the tool has bugs, simple dots cannot be erased from the website, so "dotting" is a popular trolling method.


The only official marketing gcr put up included the YouTube video and a thread on the Lights forum on November 26th, 2010.[6] The site has been posted to Reddit on several occasions, with the earliest post on December 3rd, 2010, but never received more than 21 upvotes.[7] On December 10, 2010, geeksugar reviewed the script as their Website of the Day.[8] By September 2011, 206,448 unique websites had Goggles-driven artwork on them. The main site keeps track of the top twenty most Goggled sites, updated in real time[1].

Notable Examples

On /x/

http://boards.4chan.org/x/ ☆- | SI . Javascript%20(function%200%20(7%20(window.goggles Bookmarks Home] ost Visited Getting StartedLatest HeadlinesGoggles o psit icitcm /yi p adv /an /cgl ck /co / ta / fitntt mu /n/po /s / soc/sp/tg / tp /x] trs status ······〉/x/-Paranormal Reb ott angelion Fiqures SamurSword Umbrellas Anih.e Ma zines wFree Stuff erftyFhe ReCAPTCHA rification stop spam read books. File Br file etioi GIF le size is 30 2 K EINetuleera A , be er Foos ng.eh AQ be or posting. 心|このサイについ . Ani e Fig ire Bentri & on. Anime Ma ree Stt Olá! Voce mor? Sao airar,..nha.「-n @4chan.org 60058 ipg-(17 KB, 320x320) %20 No 8451 900 □ Anonymous 08/19/11(Fn Hey Ix Reply Ml . Which sites are the most popular? Find out at goggles.sneakygcr.net!

On Apple Store

← costore.apple.com/us Store iPh iPa iTunes Support Lone me to the Store Help Account Cart nppl Storé New to the Store Call 1-800-MY-APPLE OS X Lion USB Thumb Search Store Drive MacBook Air Mac mini Apple Thunderbolt Display Shop Mac Shop iPod Shop iPhone Shop iPad Mac Accessories Mac Software iPod Accessories iPhone Acces. c . iPad Accessoris Education Store Business Store Government Store International Stores (27-inch) Apple TV Just $99 Apple Thunderbolt cable (2.0 m) iMac iPhone 4 in white Pad 2 iPad Smart Covers Apple iPad 2 Dock Apple Digital AV Adapter MacBook Pro Apple HDMI to HDMI AIL ro 499 Cable iPod touch Popular Accessories For iPad Cases Cables & Docks Headphones Keyboards Power AirPrint Printers Speakers Stands Buy a and get on the Mac App And with Apple education pricing, you'll save on your new Mac. Top Sellers iPad 1. iPad 2 2. iPad Smart Cover 3. Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit 4. Apple iPad 10W USB Power Adapter 5. Apple iPad 2 Dock iPhone 1. iPhone 4 2. Power Support Anti- Shop now Terms apply. more For iPhone Armbands & Cases Cables & Docks Car Audio Thousands of apps for your Mac. Glare Film Set for iPhone 3G With the Mac App Store right on your Mac, you can find apps for studying, doing assignments, and getting organized. And, of course, for playing games. The best part? You can download them to your Mac and start using them right away 3. Philips JumpStart Attachable Battery Pack 4. Cole Haan Small

On Wikipedia

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To enable or disable Goggles mode while browsing the web, drag and drop this bookmarklet to the browser toolbar:

Activate Goggles

Search Interest

Due to the generic nature of the title "Goggles," it is difficult to accurately measure its search interest.

External References

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