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Niggafood refers to a Brazilian food delivery application on the Apple app store which gained increased attention and virality after posts about it on Instagram and Twitter / X in 2023. Despite having a humorous name, the app was allegedly functional in Brazil.


Niggafood was added to Apple's app store on October 8th, 2022,[1] by a Brazilian developer named Alef Carvalho.[2] Niggafood's logo (shown below, left) resembled a red letter N. Alef Carvalho also included previews of the app's interface on the app store page (example shown below, right). A 2.0 version of the app was released on November 23rd, 2022.

10:54 Niggafood Lanches Pizza Cone Pesquise lojas ou itens.... Q piy IMPÉRIO Distribuidora de Bebidas 7707 6) DE VOCÊ Restaurantes ★5 tudo de bom perto de você Delivery Vou buscar 5 Pizzarias Pizza Cone Mania's Sua felicidade em forma de cone! Ⓒ 60 Pastelarias Distribuidoras TOMAT LANCHE Temat O Melhor Lanche da Cidade, agora s-- NOVA DIRE... Lanches 60 R$O Império Distribuidora Mais rápida da cidade DESTAQUE DESTAQUE R$10 Ac


As early as October 2022, seemingly satirical "5 star" reviews of the app started to surface on the app store[3] (examples shown below, top and bottom). Reviews of the app peaked in mid-2023, coinciding with viral posts about the app's existence.

Everett.v, 10/01/2023 I LOVE THIS APP This app is really great! I order food about once a week from this app and I love it so much Even doordash can't compete with this app because of how good it is. Not to mention the service, it is superb, all of the drivers are so helpful and kind, one even gave me a tip? Anyways I really do recommend this app to all who order food a lot.
niggalicious niggatastic, 10/02/2023 how niggalicious niggafood changed my bomboclaat life niggafood changed my life for the better. my grandma really enjoys niggafood because they always deliver the pies with extra cream. my boy martin luther king junior had a dream that niggafood would be top of the charts. that it would surpass doordash and grub hub. "it's a revolutionizing app, i really enjoy their food. it's niggatastic!" - MLK

Memetic Attention

On April 28th, 2023, X[4] user @johtoimpact posted a screenshot of Niggafood's page on the app store, gaining over 30 likes in six months and becoming the first known internet user to post about its existence (shown below, left). Months later, on October 3rd, 2023, Instagram[5] user @dropaxaninmyyfaygo posted a similar screenshot, gaining roughly 29,000 likes in nine days (shown below, right).

johto ☆ @johtoimpact THIS APP ???? Z 10:54 Niggafood Pesquise lojas ou itens Q 6) DE VOCÊ tudo de bom perto de você Niggafood Shopping ★★★★★ 34 Delivery Vou buscar Pizza Cone Mania's Sua felicidade em forma de cone! Ⓒ60 © 60 July Império Distribuidora IMPERIO Mais rápida da cidade DESTAQUE TOMAT LANCHE DESTAQUE Temat O Melhor Lanche da Cidade, agora s-- NOVA DIRE RSO CORSIO n 10:55 • Pizza Cone Mania's Sua felicidade em forma de cone! 4 60 MINS ★ Procure por itens... RECOMENDADO CEAI VAI RESISTIR? Combo 1 R$-3400 R$ 31.00 Pizzas Calabresa Hot dog NOVO R$ 14.99 R$ 12.99 13% DESC Molho, Salsicha, Mussarela, Tom... Mostrar mais 3:59 PM . Apr 28, 2023 1,338 Views CEAL VAI RESISTIR? Combo 2 R$ 63.00 R$ 49.00 R$ 14.99 Molhos CATEGORIAS Ce... Mostrar mais ORSO EM MEDIA rela Q с A 10:55 OPEN Pizza Cone Mania's Sua felicidade em forma de cone! 60 MINS IMAGEM ILUSTRATIVA ORSO EM MEDIA Calabresa R$ 14.99 Observações Gostaria de adicionar uma observação para a loja? Molho, Calabresa, Mussarela, Cebola e Orégano : Search Z 97 RATINGS 4.6 10:54 Niggafood Niggafood Alef Carvalho GET AGE 4+ Years Old Pesquise lojas ou itens. Q tudo de bom CHART #115 Shopping 10:55 Pican Come ad Procure por itens.... DEV Pizza Cone Mania Sua felicidade em forma 5 60 MINS RECOMENDADO Alef

On October 11th, 2023, X[6] user @JTX_TV posted a screenshot of apps on their phone, writing, "What’s y’all’s favorite Fast Food app?" gaining over 10 million views and 970 likes in one day (shown below, left). The tweet amassed a large view count due to viral quotes, like one posted by X[7] user @crackcobain__ on October 11th, which gained roughly 100,000 likes in a day (shown below, right).

JTX @JTX_TV What's y'all's favorite Fast Food app? Fast Foods SONIC SONIC Z Arby's Niggafood o Chick-fil-A McDonald's Arby's M 12:50 AM - Oct 11, 2023 10.2M Views Zaxby's Taco Bell PANDA EXPRESS CHINESE CH Chipotle Panda Express : BASED SAVAGE @crackcobain___ What in gods name is N---- FOOD JTX @JTX_TV. Oct 11 What's y'all's favorite Fast Food app? Fast Foods SONIC SONIC Z o m Chick-fil-A McDonald's Niggafood Arby's 8:22 PM Oct 11, 2023 9.2M Views Arby's Zaxby's Taco Bell PANDA PRESS CHINESE ITCHEN Chipotle Panda Express :

Search Interest


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