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Brazil is a South America country with 211 million peoples and 8.5 Million km2 and Is the most Multicultural country.[1]

Discovery and Independence

Brazil before 1500 was inhabited by Indigenous people, In 1500 Pedro Alvares Cabral Colonized Brazil and in 1822 Pedro I declared independence From Portugal.[1]


according to a research by, there are 151 million Brazilians with Internet access among rural residents: 70% compared to 53% in the 2019 research. The participation of people aged 60 and over in the online world also increased, from 34% to 50 % in the same period.[2] According to the data, the proportion of internet users increased mainly. According to Alexa, the Most Popular Websites in Brazil is Google, YouTube, Globo, and UOL.[3] Brazil is the fifth country with Most Internet Users.[4]

Brazil is sometimes referred as King of Memes.

Come To Brazil

Come to Brazil is an expression associated with Brazilian internet users requesting various celebrities to visit their home country. Due to the phrase being commonly seen on various social networking sites

2 Girls 1 Cup

2 Girls 1 Cup is a trailer for a Brazilian scat coprophagic fetish adult film in 2007. In the clip, two women defecate into a cup and take turns consuming the cup's contents, before vomiting into each other's mouths. The extremely graphic content caused it to go viral in late 2007, becoming one of the most famous shock sites in the history.


Brazilian Fart

Brazilian Fart is a shock site featuring a video clip of two adult film models farting on each other's faces and inhaling for pleasure, a type of fetishism and a niche genre of adult fetish films.

Cala Boca Galvão

Galvão Bueno is a notorious sportscaster in Brazil. Galvão Bueno was criticized on Twitter through the Tweet “Cala Boca Galvão.” that means Shut Up Galvão the phrase turned Trending Top in the world Several decided to keep the phrase alive and said that "Cala Boca Galvão" was part of a campaign to save the Galvão bird (not a real bird) that trolled much non-Portuguese speakers.


Huahuehuahue is an onomatopoeic expression of hearty laughter in Portuguese, equivalent to "hahahaha" in English. Due to its frequent use by Brazilians in massively multiplayer online games such as Ragnarok Online and League of Legends.

Ash Pedreiro / Dat Ash

Ash Pedreiro, also known as "Dat Ash", is an advice animal image macro featuring an alternate universe artwork of Pokémon trainer Ash Ketchum and lewd puns that are derived from the character names of Pokémon creatures.

Para nossa alegria

Para nossa alegria =) ("To our joy" in portuguese) is a Brazilian home video where three people (named Jefferson, Mara & Suelen, nicknamed "Jéeh", "Suuh" and "Mara") and which are supposedly the mother and her two children playing the 1972' song "Galhos Secos" (Dry Branches) from the gospel band "Banda Êxodos". "To our joy" is actually the chorus from the song.

Meme War

Meme War was 5 wars for the country that makes the best memes, Brazil gained all the wars.

Brazil's 7 – 1 Defeat

2014 World Cup: Brazil vs. Germany was the first of the two semifinal matches in the international football tournament that ended in a 7 – 1 landslide victory for Germany. During the game, several relevant hashtags, including #BrazilvsGermany, #BRA (Brazil) and #GERM (Germany), were mentioned in 35.6K tweets.

Nazaré Confusa / Confused Lady

Nazaré Confusa / Confused Lady refers to pictures or gifs of Brazilian actress Renata Sorrah playing Nazaré Tedesco in a scene from the telenovela, Senhora do Destino. The pictures are often used as reaction images to express confusion.

Brazil Dog Dance

The Brazil Dog Dance refers to a viral video where a Brazilian boy dances alongside what is believed to be a stray dog.

Sopa de Macaco, Uma Delicia

Sopa de Macaco, Uma Delicia (translated to "Monkey Soup, A Delicacy") is a Portuguese expression associated with a Facebook post by Brazilian resident Bettynho Zigindum, in which he is shown eating monkey soup.

Ricardo Milos

Ricardo Milos is a Brazilian adult model known for his erotic dance video. His dance video inspired a series of MAD/animated videos on the Japanese video-hosting site Nico Nico Douga (NND) in mid-to-late 2011. In mid-to-late 2018, people online began using Milos’ dance in bait-and-switch videos in reaction to the application TikTok. The video went viral worldwide

You're Going to Brazil

You’re Going to Brazil refers to a series of GIF captions where a subject is taken to Brazil against their will, with the person vocally protesting being taken to the country. Spawned on iFunny in May 2020, the format gained further spread on Twitter and Reddit in June 2020.


Kuruminha is the mascot of Brazilian imageboard BRchan. The character is a young indigenous Brazilian woman wearing red face paint and dressed. Images of the character have been as reactions, with Kuruminha inspiring memes and fan art.

Yoshi Dancing Next To An Egg

Yoshi Dancing is a Viral Video of Super Mario Character Yoshi Dancing next to an Egg, YouTubers added songs in the video

Venom Branco / Twelve Dancing

Twelve Dancing(better known Venom Branco) is a Viral Video of the Street Fighter character "Twelve" dancing with the song TU JOGA PRA TRAS X PIQUE BBB, the meme turns viral on TikTok, people call it White Venom(Venom Branco)

Um Gnomo Estava Andando Em Cima Do Asfalto / One Gnome Was Walking On Asphalt

Um Gnomo Estava Andando Em Cima Do Asfalto (Eng: One Gnome Was Walking On Asphalt) refers to a viral video of a person playing the mobile game Pou while singing an improvised song.


Iran Ferreira, also known by his handle @luvadepedreiro or the Guy Wearing the Mason Glove, is a Brazilian creator on TikTok known for his soccer and fútbol content of him scoring goals, celebrating and performing juggling or dribbling tricks on a dirt field in his hometown.

Freeza! Por Que Você Matou O Kuririn? / Freeza! Why Did You Kill Krillin?

Freeza! Por Que Você Matou O Kuririn? (English: Freeza! Why Did You Kill Krillin?) refers to a viral video of TikTok influencer Júnior Caldeirão performing a humorous parody of Goku from Dragon Ball.

Bora Bill

Bora Bill refers to a Brazilian viral video showcasing a funny interaction that took place during an amateur soccer match live stream. The narrator teases "Bill," one of the coaches of the match, screaming his name repeatedly during the match.

2022 Brazil General Election

The 2022 Brazil General Election to elect the President, Vice President, and the National Congress took place on October 2nd, 2022. There were more than 156 million registered voters in Brazil for this election and people expressed support for their candidates and commented with lots of memes about the election to reduce nervousness with the results.

Eleição BR *5h já tem vencedor 6h já ta todo mundo bebado de felicidade ou desgosto *7h primeiro pedido de impeachment *8h dividir o governo com o centrão Eleição USA num sei contar

Brazilian Invasion Of Congress

Brazilian Invasion Of Congress, refers to the rioting of supporters of Brazil’s far-right former president Jair Bolsonaro that invaded the country’s Congress, Presidential Palace and Supreme Court on January 8th, 2023. The riot came after the 2022 Brazilian General Election in which former president Lula da Silva was elected. Bolsonaro supporters asserted their dissatisfaction with the pool results, calling it a fraudulent election and asking for army intervention.


Xurrasco_021 is a Brazilian TikToker known for his funk dance videos. In late 2022, Xurrasco_021 rose to fame for posting videos of himself and his friends doing funk dance challenges in a unique way. On January 2023, his videos went viral on other platforms, causing a surge in ironic memes and photoshop edits of the Brazilian in funny situations.


MC Pipokinha

MC Pipokinha is a Brazilian funk singer and dancer that gained virality in 2022 with her unconventional concerts. Videos of the singer and influencer have been trending on platforms like TikTok and Twitter, as well as in memes mocking her explicit shows.

1 Guy 1 Hammer

1 Guy 1 Hammer refers to a viral shock video in which a Brazilian male kills his neighbor using a hammer. The story behind the gore clip is that the two were purportedly having an argument that resulted in the murder taking place within the victim's apartment. The short video went viral in early 2023 after people drew parallels between it and 3 Guys 1 Hammer, though the only connection is the weapon and method used.

This Is Black Diamond / She Is the Most Powerful Diamond and She's Also the One Pink Most Likes to Fuck Doggystyle

it is a is a copypasta based on a horny Steven
video, showing an OC fan art drawing of the character Black Diamond.

Indo Ali

Indo Ali is a Brazilian version of the Smurf Cat meme in which people add the overlay text in Portuguese "indo ali" (which translates to "going there" in English) to indicate the blue cat is going somewhere.

Indo ali @idolsdocotidiano Escutar Newjeans

Trenzinho Carreta Furacão

Trenzinho Carreta Furacão refers to a group of costume characters who dance and do stunts around the streets of Ribeirão Preto (São Paulo) and other cities in Brazil. The group is part of a sightseeing truck (trenzinho da alegria), which is very common in small cities of Brazil, hired for city tours or party animation.

Portal do Zacarias

Portal Do Zacarias is a personal blog created by Brazilian journalist Antônio Zacarias in 2011, known for publishing extremely graphic content, such as murders, fights and other violent crimes that occurred in Brazil and other regions of the globe. The website's content is similar to the late Live Leak website.

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