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Andaron Saga

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Andaron Saga is a Fire Emblem ROM-hack created by YouTuber and Twitch streamer Mangs along with a small team of Fire Emblem enthusiasts. Using the engine Fire Emblem Builder as a base, the game contains a completely original cast of characters, locations and music. Currently, the fangame is slated to be released officially around August 3rd, 2023.


Mangs has stated that production of this fan-made title started as early as January of 2021,[1] and had been in the idea phase years prior. On YouTube itself, videos showcasing the game started showing up on his channel as early as February 25th, 2021. Said video – "The World of Aurora (First Look)" – showcases the various locations in which the game takes place. The video has gathered over 12,000 views on YouTube.

Official Gameplay of Andaron Saga – with details of the First Chapter – was revealed on Mangs' Birthday Stream (starting around 4:25:50) the video has gained over 25K views since release.

As of 8/21/2021, only small amounts of the game have been revealed. In the video titled "Andaron Saga Official Artwork Showcase," main character Baudimon and the early cast show their personalities and basic statistics in-game. Likewise, official artworks and concepts in the style of the GBA-Era Fire Emblem games have been shown off, drawn by artist Sie-tje. The video has gained over 8,000 views on Youtube.

Starting in March 2021, music for the game has slowly been revealed as well. The composer of all the tracks so far is the musician Treatstar. The OST for the Prologue Player Phase, titled "New Beginnings" has received over 9,000 views on Youtube. The main menu theme, titled Ballad of the Gallant Warrior, has gained over 5,000 views since May 25th, 2021.


On April 5th, 2021, Mangs first created a backstory video for Baudimon's in-game adventure. It discusses his Father, and his war with the Lightbringers. this backstory (left) video received over 12K views on Youtube. On February 2nd, 2022, Another Lore video would be posted on his channel, titled "Andaron Saga: The Vikings of Hornheim." The video (right) would talk about the various cultures about the Norse-inspired island nation, and would receive 11K views as of 8/2/2023.

In the months preceding its launch video, Mangs would post promotional artworks important characters, as well as early in-game recruits to notify fans of its upcoming release. These would be posted on both his Youtube Community Tab and his Andaron Saga Discord page, all while counting down the days in the image.

Baudimon 201 Baudimon is the second son of King Thorgrim of Andaron. Not well-suited for political affairs, Baudimon's always been more at home amongst Andaron's common folk and seedy characters than in noble court. One can regularly find him in a tavern or back alley with a drink in one hand and some dice in another, enjoying some of life's finer vices. While the upper class hold him in contempt for his behavior, the citizenry still regard him as a hero for his deeds in his father's rebellion. He's brash, but cares deeply for his allies. Andaron Saga 55 Days Left 3 Jakka Born a commoner in a port town, Jakka grew up dirt poor. His father was a city guard who later joined the army, but when the Styxian plague ravaged Andaron, Jakka's father succumbed to it. To support his sick mother and younger sister, Jakka became a mercenary. During the rebellion, Jakka met Baudimon after their army was routed. The two of them grew close protecting each other behind enemy lines. Afterwards, they stayed fast friends. Jakka acts as Baudimon's voice of reason, and tries his best to keep him out of trouble. He's a suspicious man, his mind and humor as sharp as his spear. Jakka tends to use dark humor to cope with difficult situations, rather than face them honestly and head-on. Andaron Saga 50 Days Left [HE Samuel Samuel is the First Lord of House Rose, Andaron's most popular branch of nobility, renowned for their chivalry. He's a legendary Knight with countless accolades under his belt. He rode into war with Baudimon's father twice, and also sided with him during the rebellion. Even in old age, Samuel can outclass his younger comrades. When he charges into battle with his House's Regalia, the legendary Rosethorn, he strikes fear into the hearts of his enemies. Samuel has strong opinions. If he disapproves of someone's actions, he will not mince words. He is known to scold his comrades when they step out of line, but will also take a spear to protect them. Above all else, Samuel will do anything to protect the legacy of his House. Andaron Saga 45 Days Left

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Heya, this is my first attempt at a KYM page, and I understand that this may be too niche to be considered valid. But I know there are many GBA-era Fire Emblem fans out there, and if this finds even one or two of those people out there, I feel like I did my job to spread the word of a game that classic fans would love to hear.


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