Cool Cat Saves the Kids

Cool Cat Saves the Kids

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Cool Cat There he Is!


Cool Cat Saves the Kids is a children's anti-bullying movie written and directed by Derek Savage, based on his children's book series titled Cool Cat. The film has become infamous for its alleged lack of quality, and is often grouped together along with other panned movies such as The Room and Birdemic. The film became popular online after being reviewed by YouTube based film critic and entertainer YourMovieSucks, and gained a resurgence in interest after Savage filed copyright claims on several reviews of the film, most notably that of reviewer I Hate Everything.


Derek Savage created the concept of the Cool Cat character as an imaginary friend during his childhood, and eventually used the character for a series of children's books which began publication in 2010. Over the next several years, several short live-action films featuring Cool Cat were released.[1] On June 11th, 2014, the Cool Cat YouTube channel uploaded the trailer for the upcoming live-action film Cool Cat Saves The Kids,starring Vivica Fox and Eric Estrada (shown below).

Online Relevance

On July 26th, 2014, the Everything is Terrible Facebook[2] page posted a link to Cool Cat Saves The Kids trailer. On February 1st, 2015, the film was officially released. On February 28th, YouTuber YourMovieSucks (YMS) uploaded a two part review of the movie to his YouTube channel (Part 1 shown below, left). Following in suit of YMS, several other YouTubers uploaded their own reviews of the film, including YouTuber I Hate Everything (shown below, right).

On March 1st, 2015, YMS uploaded a video titled "Cat Grips," featuring the Death Grips song "I Want it I Need it (Death Heated)" playing in the background of Cool Cat footage (shown below, left). On March 8th, YMS uploaded a second clip titled "To Cat a Predator," which contained clips from the reality television series To Catch a Predator edited to appear as if host Chris Hansen is conversing with Cool Cat (shown below, right).

Derek Savage's Response

Derek Savage initially responded positively to reviews of the film and released an edited version of the film removing errors discovered by YMS. Both versions have been made available on Ebay.[3][4] In early November 2015, the review uploaded by I Hate Everything was removed from YouTube due to a copyright claim by Savage. On November 9th, I Hate Everything posted a follow up video titled "THANKS DADDY DEREK (For Ruining The Search For The Worst),," in which he discusses the video takedown (shown below, left). On November 16th, Savage uploaded a video in which he explains the difference between copyright infringement and the fair use clause.[7] In response, YMS uploaded a video refuting Savage's copyright claims (shown below, right).

On November 28th, IHE uploaded a video detailing the events that had transpired between him and Savage since his last video (shown below). According to IHE, Savage had impersonated attorneys from a law firm in order to manipulate him into removing several videos from his channel.

Fan Art

08 E KIDSOoo OAT COOL xOO 11 14 2015 Hey everybody! I'm Cool Cat! And Cool Cat loves you! レ

There He Is

"There He Is" is a phrase from the film Cool Cat Saves the Kids in which Erik Estrada points and notices Cool Cat arriving, and shouts "There he is!". The phrase has become notable amongst YourMovieSucks' fanbase, who has taken the phrase and said it on numerous occasions.

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Typical: you subscribe to one channel, and a couple of months later some idiot starts taking down videos and the guy behind the channel gets in trouble with that idiot and the broken, nay absolutely shattered YouTube copyright system. It has happened to me at least three or four times, the latest being IHE.

Derek Savage is a SAVAGE and a hypocrite, bullying everyone who disagrees with him.


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