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Dead Space

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Dead Space is a horror survival action game developed by EA Redwood Studios, now known as Visceral Games. The game takes place aboard a space mining ship known as the USG Ishimura, where an engineer known as Isaac Clarke must defeat twisted humanoid creatures known as "Necromorphs".


Dead Space takes place aboard a space mining vessel known as the USG Ishimura, known as the largest in it's class. The Ishimura found an artifact known as the Red Marker. The Red Marker slowly corrupted humans aboard the ship in to grotesque and mutated creatures known as "ecromorphs". Isaac Clarke must defeat these necromorphs to escape the Ishimura and find his girlfriend, Nicole Brennan.


Dead Space has spawned two sequels, two downloadable content packs, and one iPhone spinoff game by the same name. The game received mostly positive reviews, and sold over 2 million copies.

Sequel: Dead Space 2

Dead Space 2 occurs three years after the events of the first game, on a large space station centered around the remains of the moon of Saturn, Titan, known as The Sprawl. Isaac is faced with another necromorph outbreak, and must battle through visions of his girlfriend, induced by a marker known as the Gold Marker.

Sequel: Dead Space 3

Dead Space 3 is set in 2514, on the ice planet known as Tau Volantis. Another force known as the SCAF, or the Sovereign Colonies Armed Forces, discovered the planet as well and were wiped out. Isaac and his comrade known as John Carver, who similarly suffers from visions reminiscent of Isaac's. Clarke and Carver must battle through Unitology Militants, necromorphs, and other creatures to defeat the marker threat.


Every necromorph in Dead Space has a specific function. The "Slasher" subclass is made as infantry, the "Spitters" as a long ranged artillery, the "Brutes" as a tank, and several others. The only way to destroy a necromorph is to dismember it. The arms are always a prime target, as to prevent injury.


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Soup King
Soup King

So I am about halfway through the game now and I can say without a shred of doubt that if you are a Dead Space fan, you should buy the Remake. It's fantastic, they've expanded on the original story in a compelling and interesting way whilst keeping the core story intact.

The gameplay is fast-paced and fluid, with the gunplay feeling very solid and responsive. None of the guns have useless secondary fires anymore. The Contact Beam has been reworked into something that has to be seen to believed, especially when compared to the original design and has gone from my least favourite gun to my solution to anything that displeases me.

Only issue I have is that Kinesis combat feels like it was designed for comedy purposes. I haven't had the chance to upgrade it yet, but currently, it's very easy to yeet something over someone's head and if you hit someone, one of two things happen.

They go "Oof" and shrug off the Giant Box of Death flying at Mach 5 like it's nothing, or they die and are launched at lightspeed into the furthest wall after getting panickily slapped by a disembodied foot.


So I have watched the game beforehand, as a precaution, and can safely say that if you just like shooty games with horror trappings, you will likely enjoy Dead Space remake.

However if you loved Dead Space 1, you should probably skip it. The game now feels, like I mentioned, like a mildly spooky shooter, rather than the tense, harrowing experience of original. The new zero-G sections add absolutely nothing of value (a common thread with most of the additions now that I think about it), and, in fact, seem to make the old equivalent parts somehow worse due to poor translation and very lacking map design (in case of "new" areas).

The story changes are a whole 'nother can of worms and without gointg into too fine a detail, Isaac just won't shut up about the most inane things, will babble out the solution to every puzzle you encounter, and yet will happily ignore without a remark things he would need to comment to stay consistent with the new him. Remixed character encounters seem invariably worse though the major death obnoard the other spaceship felt the absolute stupidest cop-out possible frankly, reeking of forced drama.

The alt-ending sucks ass and breaks canon with both old DS1 and DS2 at the same time.

Oh yeah, a certain doctor now has a magical stasis gun that works entirely differently of any other occurence of stasis, and that is only so that he can monologize about how he eats babies for breakfast. It's pathetic cop-out on writer's part really.


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