video game coming to playstation 5 which drew controversy for its developers past

Goodbye Volcano High

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Goodbye Volcano High is an upcoming video game from Montreal developers KO-OP to be released for the PlayStation 5. The game is an animated, choice-based narrative romance game featuring anthropomorphic dinosaurs and a focus on queer relationships. After it was announced, the game drew controversy for having Kate Gray, a writer who once included in Kotaku uncensored sex scenes from a Harry Potter sex parody game, as its lead writer.


The game was developed by Montreal development studio KO-OP and is set to release in 2021 on PlayStation and Steam.[1][2] It was announced with a trailer on June 11th, 2020 as part of a stream announcing the PlayStation 5 (shown below). PC Gamer wrote the game was reminiscent of Night In The Woods. The game's protagonist, Fang, is non-binary.

Online Presence

On Twitter, users joked about the game by comparing it to furries. User @MagsRevere[4] wrote, "never thought i would live to see the day that sony is putting furries on the main stage lmao," gaining over 190 retweets and 1,200 likes (shown below, left). User @minkssb[5] compared it to furry art, gaining over 130 retweets and 900 likes (shown below, right).

magnumb @MagsRevere never thought i would live to see the day that sony is putting furries on the main stage Imao Goodbye Volcano High PlayStation B PSS- THE FUTURE OF GAMING SHOW LIVE Streaming for 990,104 viewers O O 6 I::, 4:32 PM · Jun 11, 2020 · Twitter Web App CG|M.Ink @minkSSB goodbye volcano high lookin great! 4:33 PM · Jun 11, 2020 · Twitter Web App >

Lead Writer Controversy

After the game was announced, Twitter users pointed out that its lead writer, Kate Gray, once published an article about sex in porn games in Kotaku that featured uncensored graphic images from a Harry Potter porn parody[3] (shown below). User @VitoGesualdi[6] outlined the controversy in 2019 when the article was posted. The article was later updated and Kotaku issued an apology for the article.[7]

YOUTUBE.COM / VITO EO @VitoGesualdi 'Goodbye Volcano High' is an upcoming PS5 game about gay and nonbinary animal people navigating high school life. The game's lead writer is Kate Gray, who famously published underage Harry Potter pornography on Kotaku. The game's intended audience is not happy about this. Ryan GOODBYE VOLCA O HIGH @BluestRose430 I CANNOT believe the person writing the queer cartoon game is the person who published child porn on Kotaku last year 3:55 PM · 11 Jun 20 · Twitter Web App gvh posted cp on a kotaku article last ** Resident Zoophile Slayer. I hate to tell y'all but one of the main writers for goodbye volcano high posted child porn on kotaku. This is probably not the game we want to be supporting. The images were taken out now it seems by some other editor but the article is still up 6h year" Ryan V @BluestRose430 · 12h I CANNOT believe the person writing the queer cartoon game is the person who published child porn on Kotaku last year Show this thread the jose carioca figure @alttria Nevermind, Goodbye Volcano High gets none of my money ever! The Narrative Director wrote about porn featuring Harry Potter, and Ash/Misty from Pokemon on Kotaku. I don't want to support you. Thread ANIME Animated Vic Pinned Tweet Kate Gray O @hownottodraw And Less Gro I CAN FINALLY ANNOL WRITING FOR TWO YE Kate Gray 2419 2.00PM · Filed to: SEX GA Goodbye Volcano High that v Editor's Note - 5:25pm: very gay story and games, originally in Im the Narrativo Dired 10:41 PM · Jun 11, 2020 · Twitter Web App


In June of 2021, 4chan anons created Snoot, a visual novel parody of Goodbye Volcano High. The game surprised players with its high quality, with many users joking that it outperformed the unreleased Goodbye Volcano High.

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