I Wani Hug that Gator!

I Wani Hug that Gator!

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I Wani Hug that Gator! is an upcoming video game from Cavemanon to be released on Steam and itch.io. The game is an animated, choice-based narrative Visual Novel game featuring anthropomorphic dinosaurs and a faceless human protagonist. The game is a spiritual sequel of Snoot Game, a parody game of Goodbye Volcano High.


In June of 2021, 4chan users created Snoot, a visual novel parody of Goodbye Volcano High. The game surprised players with its high quality, with many users joking that it outperformed the unreleased Goodbye Volcano High. After the release of Snoot Game, a sticky thread was made in /trash/, where users joked about Snoot and Goodbye Volcano High. The thread was lost in August of 2021.

wouldn't dare to forget it for the world's end Anonymous ## Mod : 08/01/21(Sun)22:34:19 No.40606647 ► >>40606657 >>40606658 >>40606661 >>40606663 >>40606668 >>40606675 >>40606676 >>40606680 >>40606681 >>40606683 >>40606685 >>40606686 >>40606687 >>40606689 >>40606692 >>40606694 >>40606695 >>40606698 >>40606699 >>40606700 >>40606701 >>40606705 >>40606716 >>40606717 >>40606721 >>40606723 >>40606726 >>40606727 >>40606728 >>40606729 >>40606732 >>40606734 >>40606739 >>40606741 >>40606744 >>40606748 >>40606750 >>40606754 >>40606757 >>40606758 >>40606761 >>40606763 >>40606766 >>40606767 >>40606769 >>40606774 >>40606778 >>40606780 >>40606786 >>40606789 >>40606793 >>40606797 >>40606807 >>40606809 >>40606817 >>40606827 >>40606828 >>40606840 >>40606855 >>40606863 >>40606869 >>40606885 >>40606892 >>40606893 >>40606927 >>40606928 >>40606932 >>40606943 >>40606949 >>40606964 >>40606986 >>40606993 >>40606994 >>40607017 >>40607046 >>40607102 >>40607107 >>40607163 >>40607169 >>40607187 >>40607259 >>40607287 >>40607306 >>40607338 >>40607344 File: bye.png (2.15 MB, 1920x1080) Maybe the true Snoot was the friends we made along the way.. Anonymous 08/01/21(Sun)22:34:23 No.40606649 ► >>40606280 She truly evolved into something beautiful and it was all thanks to every anon from this thread.

In the thread, an anonymous user posted a drawing of a green dinosaur girl in a wheelchair called Olivia (shown below, left), which proved popular in the thread. On March 6th, 2022 Cavemanon announced their second game, I Wani Hug that Gator!, about a faceless human called Inco and Olivia.

View Same Google ImgOps iqdb SauceNAO Prehistoric Wheels.png, 14KiB, 408x565 Anonymous 1 year and 318 days ago No.39927738 Report Quoted By: >>39927794 >>39927815 >>39927852 >>39927982 >>39928292 >>39929680 >>39929707 >>39927009 >>39927074 This is Olivia, she's paraplegic, that's all. Thank you all for watching. Wani any Mus that Gator! At ww

On May 16th, 2023, Cavemanon Studios uploaded the first trailer for the game,[1] gaining over 1,600 views on YouTube in six days (shown below). The trailer also included a link to a playable demo.[4]

Online Presence

On 4chan, users joked about Cavemanon releasing a second game before KO-OP released Goodbye Volcano High, which is slated to release in August of 2023. When the demo of I Wani Hug that Gator! dropped, people on both 4chan and Twitter left very positive comments and reviews about the game. On May 16th, 2023, user @dotkwa[3] posted art in celebration of the demo, gaining over 13 retweets and 60 likes in one week (shown below, left). On May 20th, 2023, user @MachacaPigeon[2] posted that the demo was enjoyable, along with fan art of Olivia in an Akira parody. The tweet gained over 12 retweets and 50 likes in two days (shown below, right).

DEMO is out! Undo @MachacaPigeon I Wani Hug That Gator was fun, looking forward to the full game! Also obligatory Akira bike reference that I drew in-game #iwanihugthatgator #hugthatgator Clear All Pidge Done ... 1:08 PM · May 20, 2023

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