Short steam puzzle game about a harem of demon girls


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Helltaker is an indie puzzle video game available on Steam which grew immensely popular thanks to its gameplay, art style, and harem of demon girls.


On May 11th, 2020, developer vanripper published Helltaker, an indie puzzle video game, on Steam, for free.[1] The game stars an unnamed protagonist who travels to hell with the intent to develop a harem of demon girls.


The game quickly received a large amount of praise, garnering a score of "Overwhelmingly Positive" on Steam from 3,600 reviews in a week. CBR[2] wrote, "For anyone who’s a fan of puzzles, turn-based strategies and/or demon girls in suits, Helltaker is a game worth the free journey to Hell." In an 85/100 review, Gamershoes[3] wrote, "Helltaker features good puzzle mechanics, great aesthetics, and amazing storytelling. Though it is a bit on the short side, this venture into hell is worth a go for anybody looking for a little love."

Online Presence

Helltaker quickly developed an online presence. A page on TV Tropes[4] appeared shortly after the game's release. Its release was covered on /r/freegames,[5] gaining over 60 points. Playthroughs of the games were published by YouTubers ButtonBashBros and ManlyBadassHero (shown below).

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This guy literally spent a whole year learning from scratch how to code and design games, actually made a really charming game, and then gave it away for free.
Just to spur people into making more art of sharp-dressed demon girls.


The game is pretty… snarky, in a meta way.
Instead of your classic succubus leotards and bikinis, they're all in designer suits. Basically none of them actually want to fuck you, but want to fuck with you, a subtle but very crucial difference. Instead of your standard anime-esque Kazuma Sato lookalike, you're an American 80s musclebro in a disco suit.
It uses "waifu" in order to grab your inner memelord's attention, then spins off another direction to form its own charming identity


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