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Tired SpongeBob, also known as SpongeBob Whew refers to a still image from Spongebob Squarepants of the title character naked and looking out of breath. The image is popular on Twitter where it is paired with captions in which one expresses moments where they'd be exhausted.


The still comes from the Season 1 episode of Spongebob Squarepants, "Nature Pants" (shown below at around 7:00), which aired September 11th, 1999.[1] Notably, the frame comes only a few seconds before the image that was used in the Savage Patrick meme.


On March 22nd, 2018, Twitter user @DJJVMZ[2] uploaded the still with the caption, "Me after I take my strap off πŸ˜‚," gaining over 530 retweets and 1,400 likes (shown below).

DJ JAMZ @DJJVMZ Follow Me after I take my strap off 11:47 AM-22 Mar 2018

The tweet spread as people added captions describing tasks that require minimal effort. Some popular examples include a tweet by @mckenziedenisee which gained over 32,000 retweets and 81,000 likes (shown below, left). User @fatimaiqbal13 posted a very popular example that gained over 108,000 retweets and 271,000 likes (shown below, right).

mama @mckenziedenisee Follow me after I put the fitted sheet on my bed by myself Fatima Follow V @fatimaiqbal13 Me after replying to one person

A thread about the trending meme was posted to /r/MemeEconomy,[3] gaining 25 upvotes. A tweet by user @Trashvis commented on the influx of Spongebob memes in March 2018 (Savage Patrick and Krusty Krab vs. Chum Bucket also were popular during that month) with an example of Tired Spongebob, gaining over 220 retweets and 1,400 likes (shown below). The meme received media coverage from Daily Dot[4] and Insider.[5]

Trashvi @Trashvis Follow me after seeing ANOTHER spongebob meme on the tl

Money Problems SpongeBob

On March 30th, 2018, Twitter user @_randall tweeted a picture of SpongeBob holding a stack of dollars bills next to the Tired SpongeBob image, along with the joke "me spending $40 on food vs / me spending $40 on gas," gathering upwards of 67,700 likes and 28,700 retweets in one week (shown below, left). On April 1st, Twitter user @daddyblanco_[6] submitted the same images along with the caption "me spending money on my boo vs me spending money on me" (shown below, right). Within four days, the tweet gained over 211,400 likes and 85,200 retweets. The

me spending $40 on food vs. me spending $40 on gas jonny blanco @daddyblanco me spending money on my boo vs mee spending money on me

In the coming days, other Twitter users began posting the images along with jokes about money spending problems (shown below). On April 4th, The Daily Dot[7] published an article titled "SpongeBob has money problems in his latest popular meme."

Gents at the club vs paying child support. $40 for a sweatshirt at the mall vs. $40 for a sweatshirt at the merch table 卑 yalçis @alperenyalc if you don't love me at my then you don't deserve me at my

Various Examples

#InTune @Fourens Follow Me after doing 1 of the 1293982728293758 things on my to do list ネ Demi-god @nabeeldenero Follow Me after socializing for more than 10mins IslandGyalTrish @Trish_bago Follow Me after just the warm up before practice God's Warrior @EarlBlackman Follow Me after praying for five minutes without looking at my phone... drew @_mcdrevw Follow me after applying one eyelash: jardyn @sixelanydraj Followv me after shaving my legs, under arms, and kitty all in one shower.

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