Torres Gemelas

Torres Gemelas

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Torres Gemelas ("Twin Towers" in English) is a viral video starring Ecuadorian singer Delfin Quishpe, who wrote and performed the song as a lament for his girlfriend and thousands of victims that lost their lives to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Despite the tragic nature and sincere tone of the song's lyrics, the music video became a hit mostly because of its ill-suited techno music and kitschy green-screen aesthetics.


“Torres Gemelas” M/V was uploaded to YouTube on December 18th, 2006. The video begins with Delfin flipping on the television as he sits down on a couch and the news footage of the terrorist attacks in New York appears on screen. Gemelas rises to his feet crying "no puede ser…" ("This cannot be, noo…") and segues into song.


When I went to New York
I thought I'd visit my little love
She lives in New York
and worked in Twin Towers

A phone call, I did receive
She just said goodbye my love
a bad memory, I did live

the terrorists exterminated it.
Who knows the truth? Who did it?
And why did he do it?
It can't be, my god, help me!


Even though Delfin mourns over the loss of his old lover and deaths of innocent people, his noble lament was largely overshadowed by the shocking news montage depicting downtown New York engulfed in flames and smokes. Throughout 2007, Delfin's song quickly gained notoriety amongst Ecuadorians who found it both intriguing and disturbing. As one can image, some viewers responded with anger, which propelled the spread of the video even more. Here's the original video without subtitles:

In April 2007, Spanish literary magazine Letras Libres' blog covered the video, calling it a guilty pleasure. talked about it in August 2007, and the implications of a South American singer "making it big on the internet." In March 2009, cable network mun2 named it one of the most controversial Latino videos.

Notable Examples

Michael Jackson's "Black and White" mashup December 2006, 274,000+ views

Remix December 2006, 250,000+ views

"Torres Gemales" animated December 2006, 138,000+ views

Disco remix December 2006, 126,000+ views

MC Hammer's "Can't Touch This" mashup January 2007, 571,000+ views

Delfin singing on a motorcycle January 2007, 83,000+ views

Numa Numa/gay pride mashup January 2007, 44,000+ views

Beach party remix January 2007, 35,000+ views

"Torres Gemelas" as played by an orchestra January 2007, 27,000+ views

the Beatles' "Twist and Shout" mashup February 2007, 202,000+ views

Reggaeton remix 2 February 2007, 75,000+ views

Reggaeton remix February 2007, 43,000+ views

"Torres Gemales" in stop motion February 2007, 11,000+ views

Delfin as Darth Vader March 2007, 36,000+ views

Black Metal remix August 2007, 58,000+ views

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December 2006, 93,000+ views

February 2007, 4000+ views

April 2007, 18,000+ views

August 2009, 5000+ views

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