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Who Asked / Nobody Asked

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Who Asked / Nobody Asked
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Type: Catchphrase, Reaction,
Who Asked / Nobody Asked


Who Asked, Nobody Asked, and That's Crazy, But I Don't Remember Asking are expressions used to indicate a lack of interest in what another person has said or posted, similar to Cool Story, Bro. They are similar to the phrase “shut up”and may be considered rude to use. Who asked / nobody asked gained popularity in reaction images in 2019 and 2020.


The phrases “who asked” and “nobody asked” have been in use since before the internet. People asking for comebacks to these expressions can be found on Reddit as early as 2014[1] and 2015,[2] respectively.


On September 11th, 2017, the subreddit r/NobodyAsked was created with the purpose of showcasing “… people who were never asked and yet, still explained far too much.”[3] The subreddit grew to almost 5,000 subscribers in under a month[4] and stands at over 320,000 subscribers as of August 2020.

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