World Ends Women Most Affected meme depicting a fake newspaper headline and front page.

World Ends, Women Most Affected

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"World Ends Tomorrow: Women and Minorities Hardest Hit" refers to a joke headline that parodies liberal mass media's perceived focus on how a general problem affects groups that are perceived as vulnerable, such as women and minorities. First made by comedian Mort Sahl in the 1980s, in the 2020s the joke, altered to simply read "Women Most Affected," has been used to poke fun at articles that raise the issues of men struggling but choosing to focus on the negative impact it has on women.


The joke headline "World Ends: Women and Minorities Hardest Hit" is commonly ascribed to comedian Mort Sahl, who told it as early as 1988.[1] The conservative joke parodies a headline that could appear in liberal newspapers before the end of the world. Multiple versions of the joke exist, with one popular version being "World Ends: Poor and Minorities Hardest Hit." In the 1990s, the joke was also told by conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh.

6 November 1988, St. Louis (MO) Post-Dispatch, “Mort Sahl: Truth Funnier Than Fiction" by Rick Richmond, Pg. 2C: Sahl took out after the liberals by defining the way in which a liberal newspaper might report a nuclear exchange between the United States and the Soviet Union: "World Ends: Women and Minorities Hardest Hit."

Prior to 2019, the joke appeared in various articles and blog posts online. For example, on August 31st, 2005, National Review[2] used the joke to describe a recent headline by ABC News (shown below).

THE CORNER Joke No Longer Share Comments Listen BY JONAH GOLDBERG August 31, 2005 3:25 PM Everyone knows the 50 different versions of the joke about the Meteor (apocalypse, whatever) heading to earth and The New York Times (or Washington Post) running the headline: "World Ends: Women, Minorities Hardest Hit." Here's ABC News: Poorest Hit Hardest By Hurricane Katrina Disaster Disproportionately Affects Those Who Can Least Afford It

On May 5th, 2019, YouTuber Shoe0nHead posted a snippet of an article that appeared in Harper's BAZAAR titled "Men Have No Friends and Women Bear the Burden," commenting with a version of the joke. The post (shown below) received over 590 reposts and 5,200 likes on X[3] in four years.

shoe @shoeonhead 'World Ends Women Most Affected' Harper's > SUBSCRIBE US = BAZAAR Men Have No Friends and Women Bear the Burden Toxic masculinity and the persistent idea that feelings are a "female thing"—has left a generation of straight men stranded on emotionally-stunted island, unable to forge intimate relationships with other men. It's women who are paying the price. BY MELANIE HAMLETT / MAY 2, 2019 10:44 PM - May 5, 2019


On September 7th, 2019, X[4][5] users @RationalMale and @shoe0nhead both posted a snippet of a New York Post article titled "Broke men are hurting American women’s marriage prospects" with the joke. The posts (shown below, left and right) received over 100 reposts and 420 likes and 220 reposts and 2,400 likes, respectively, in five years. The posts received further spread through reposts on Reddit[6] and other sites.[7]

Rollo Tomassi RM @RationalMale Men are unemployed. Women most affected. NEW New York Post @nypost Sep 7, 2019 Broke men are hurting marriage prospects for American women 10:07 AM Sep 7, 2019 ... shoe @shoeonhead 'World Ends Women Most Affected' f LIVING Broke men are hurting American women's marriage prospects By Hannah Frishberg September 6, 2019 | 5:10pm 11:26 AM Sep 7, 2019 ...

In the following years, the joke "women most affected" saw extensive use online, being used to comment on headlines that shifted focus from issues affecting males to how they affect women. For example, on October 2nd, 2023, Redditor PitytheOnlyFools made a post in the /r/Destiny[8] subreddit that gained over 670 likes in 10 months (shown below, left).

On January 7th, 2024, X[9] user @_rawrell quoted a headline "We Can't Compete With AI Girlfriends" with the joke. The post received over 960 reposts and 9,700 likes in five months (shown below, right).

Male suicide on the rise, women most affected Men Are Human @men_are_human. Follow X Man tries to talk about male #suicide on the #BBC, while #Feminist hosts try to shut him down. Try to imply men KILLING THEMSELVES don't matter because women have problems too! And, of course, they repeat the mythical #PayGap!! #BBCnews #BBCPoliticsLive BBC #politicslive 8:40 AM - Sep 28, 2023 3.6K Watch on X (ના litics live p Reply ↑ Share Read 266 replies Rawrell @_rawrell "Men are so lonely and starved for affection that they resort to paying for Al chatbots to at least feel like someone loves them, women most affected" Brittany Martinez @BritMartinez Jan 5 We Can't Compete With Al Girlfriends "Ads for Al girlfriends have been all over TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook lately. Replika, an Al chatbot originally offering mental health help and emotional support, now runs ads for spicy selfies and hot role play.... Show more LVIL ACCOUNT CULTURE We Can't Compete With 1:42 PM • Jan 7, 2024 413.2K Views

Various Examples

WORLD ENDS: WOMEN AND MINORITIES HIT HARDEST Konstantin Kisin @KonstantinKisin "E---------- buildings: women most affected" ⚫ ... Architecture 'Upward-thrusting buildings e---------- into the sky' - do cities have to be so sexist? Toxic masculinity is built into the fabric of our urban spaces, writes Leslie Kern, author of new book Feminist City. And the results aren't just divisive - they can be lethal 7:02 PM Jul 6, 2020 Reddit Lies @reddit_lies Baseball player exonerated of sexual assault claims. Women most affected r/TwoXChromosomes u/literaryqueenxx • 6h Join The Trevor Bauer case will harm women. It doesn't matter if he was exonerated. Vote Angeles 27 4:00 PM - Oct 3, 2023 56.3K Views Open 7 Share
> wypipo plagued, black women most affected Anonymous (ID: nllmw9AA KEK 11/21/23(Tue)15:35:35 No.44944098 Black women most likely to die in medieval London plague 2 hours ago < MUSEUM OF LONDON 'London in 1400' by Amédée Forestier, a French artist who specialised in historical landscapes Black women of African descent were more likely to die of the medieval plague in London, academics at the Museum of London have found. plague london.png 649 KB PNG >30-40% of England dies from the plague >death rate 90%+ in some villages >"you know who the real victims were? black women" is this peak clown world? Cole Von Schweetz @C_Schweetz ⚫ Jun 9 Are we still pretending to misunderstand that men do terrible things to the women who give them everything because they associate those women with their mothers and see her as a "given," and treat them as such?? 276 1755 781 293K ☐ 1 A Sexy Pile of Corpses @NecroticErotic >man feels joy and love being cared for by a girlfriend when he is absolutely exhausted >women most affected 10:33 AM - Jun 9, 2024 280.9K Views Nobody: News headlines today: UR MOM'S HOUSE] 4:20 PM EST BREAKING NEWS LIVE Meteorite to hit earth wiping out all of humanity. Women CMN and minorities most affected. THE LEAD

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