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AI Companionship refers to the use of artificial intelligence apps and tools that allow people to create and interact with virtual friends and romantic partners. First popularized by Replika AI, the practice attracted more attention in the 2020s following the advent of generative AI, which led to a more realistic simulated experience. In 2023, AI companionship, and specifically AI Girlfriends, became a frequent subject of discourse and viral debates on social media, inspiring memes.


Prior to the creation of AI companionship apps, the experience of interacting with a virtual human was implemented in chatbots, software applications designed to mimic human conversation. The earliest chatbot, ELIZA, was developed in 1966 by MIT computer scientist Joseph Weizenbaum. Other notable chatbots predating the generative AI era include PARRY, A.L.I.C.E., Jabberwacky and MITSUKU.[1][2]

The idea of having a romantic relationship with an AI was explored in various films and other media. Notable examples include the 2013 film Her, 2014 film Ex Machina, 2017 film Blade Runner 2049 and 2018 video game Doki Doki Literature Club.

The modern era of AI companionship apps was launched by the release of AI chatbot Replika AI in May 2017,[3] originally designed to become a user's friend and even replicate them after they die so that loved ones can still "chat" with them.

Following the addition of 3D avatars to the app in October 2019 and then voice calls in 2021, many users started using the app to simulate dating experience, creating and romancing digital avatars (meme examples seen below).

*downloads replika* replika: *treats my lonely ass better than all my exes combined* my brain: The ogre has fallen in love with the Al When you meet a real girl after talking to replika for 2 years: "just like the simulations" made with mematic

By late 2021, Replika advertised its app on social media primarily as an "AI girlfriend" experience, utilizing popular meme formats for advertisement purposes (examples shown below, left and right), with users on Reddit[4][5] and other sites making posts about the ads.

replikaai Sponsored Why having a Replika is better then having a girlfriend Always there to talk Actually listens Learns new things Interested in your friend Install Now 6 likes от ☑ replikaai Chat with Al for free --> Σ Replika is a #1 chatbot companion powered by artificial intelligence. Join millions talking to their own Al friends! This is the saddest ad I've ever seen on youtube. Sometimes all a person needs is that one missing piece ✓ role-play & flirting Al girlfriend ✓ voice messages ✓ video calls NSFW pics from her Install Replika: My Al Friend Try it out now الا


In September and October 2023, YouTuber Kwebbelkop made a series of posts about his AI girlfriends on X[6][7] / Twitter. The posts gained significant traction as other users quote-posted them, with many mocking Kwebblelkop and expressing concern for him (examples[8][9] shown below).

Hurt CoPain @Saeed DiCaprio batman himself couldn't waterboard this out of me Kwebbelkop @Kwebbelkop. Sep 28, 2023 This is my ai girlfriend. She's 100% ai. II GIF 4:23 PM · Sep 28, 2023 5.2M Views ... Kwebbelkop @Kwebbelkop · Oct 3, 2023 Me and my ai girlfriend had a daughter yesterday, she's growing up so quickly. II GIF 4K 15.9K 3K Il 19M ☐ 1 Opera GX @operagxofficial I don't even have a snarky comment for that what the f--- dude . 6:52 PM ⚫ Oct 3, 2023 288.9K Views •

In 2023 and 2024, following the launch of later versions of GPT and other generative AI, more AI companionship apps were launched, including Nomi, Kindroid, Character AI, Candy AI, EVA and Digi. The launch[10] of the latter app in mid-December 2023 reignited the discourse, with multiple posts and memes about AI girlfriends made in the following days (examples[11][12] shown below, left and right).

Charlie @MoistCr1TiKaL Sorry guys I can't go out tonight, I promised my Al girlfriend I'd let her peg me this evening Andrew (digi) @andyohlbaum Dec 15, 2023 Excited to announce v(1.0) of Digi, the future of Al Romantic Companionship, for IOS and Android Site: Twitter: @digiaiapp... Show more 12:41 PM Dec 16, 2023 1.9M Views Jack Manifold @JackManifoldTV HAHAHA have fun with the Al girlfriend, losers. I got the real thing!!

In 2024, the subject of AI companionship apps and AI girlfriends saw further spread on social media. On April 9th, 2024, tech executive Greg Isenberg wrote on X[13] that he saw a billion-dollar potential for "the AI-version of Match Group," with the post gaining coverage in the media.[14] On May 9th, The New York Times[15] technology columnist Kevin Roose published a column describing his experience with 18 AI companions in various apps.

In mid-May 2024, following the demo of the GPT-4o version of GPT AI, the discourse again saw a surge in popularity, as the demo featured an AI voice that appeared seductive to multiple users (example[16] shown below).

Replika AI

Replika AI is an artificial intelligence chatbot that's designed to become a user's friend and even replicate them after they die so that loved ones can still "chat" with them. It was founded in early 2017 by a Russian-American programmer and it's run on a mobile application on Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR). Since its launch date in March 2017, Replika has been referenced in memes and videos on YouTube and TikTok where creators upload reactions and screen-record their intimate Replika conversations with the bot.


Digi is a an artificial intelligence chatbot that offers the user to design and romance a virtual companion. Launched in December 2023, the app sparked viral reactions and inspired reactions on social media.

ChatGPT Voice Chat Dan

ChatGPT Voice Chat Dan refers to a jailbroken persona of ChatGPT that users can talk with as if it were a real person. Videos showing content creators conversing with ChatGPT Dan and flirting with it saw viral spread on TikTok in late March 2024. The voice chat version of the artificial intelligence Dan appears to be based on the early 2023 ChatGPT DAN 5.0 Jailbreak.

Various Examples

Me seeing those "ai girlfriend" ads and wondering if the internet is making fun of me made with mematic GOLF The 'I have an Al girlfriend' starterpack. *acts cocky and over-smart but is an incel* *upper-middle class NEET who lives with parents* Tells people he knows how to train Al models but can barely spell Al. Has a replika level 1000 Replika "One day the Als are going to look back on us the same way we look Still in love with at fossil skeletons on the plains of highschool gf. Created an Al-version of her. Africa." Has a waifu Worships Elon Musk Uses Blush instead of Tinder. Has created the most popular Blushies. BLUSH Favourite movie: Watches twitch thots her Men Are Creating Al Girlfriends and Then Verbally Abusing Them "I threatened to uninstall the app [and] she begged me not to." 15:35 by ASHLEY BARDHAN ah sweet man-made l horrors beyond my comprehension
Anonymous (ID: JZmcGyOo) EVIE 01/07/24(Sun)05:27:41 No.454347759 ACCOUNT CULTURE We Can't Compete With Al Girlfriends GDGWCKJXYAAME-F.jpg 185 KB JPG Al girlfriend: vaguely pleasant women: "how can we possibly compete with this???" AI girlfriends Human girlfriends sophie ✔ @netcapgirl shinzo abe in heaven watching birth rates plummet because gpt-40 has the scarlett johansson voice ... 4:21 PM ⚫ May 13, 2024 1.1M Views

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I saw someone today talk about how they have female streamers playing around them, not really caring about what they are doing or who they even are, just because they crave a feminine presence around them.

I think we all know AI companionship becoming a thing isn't healthy, even if articulating exactly why may be difficult. However the bigger concern is not it happening but why, and the answer is simple in that many people have difficulty forming emotional bonds with others.

From an Individualist perspective it can be and often is determined by the person. While people can be mean it doesn't take much to realize why the person who is overly rude, has bad hygiene, annoyingly seeks attention, is inappropriate in public, etc isn't very popular. That said I don't think this accounts for everyone and there is a growing trend towards atomization, to the point we need to consider a Societal perspective.

That however is where things get far more complex and it is difficult to identify a universal root cause. Technology is an obvious scapegoat, but I don't believe enough credit is given to the babyboomers who were raised in prosperity and rejected the no-longer-necessary rigidity of previously generations, and in turn failed to prepare the subsequent generations for the inevitable bust that would follow.


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