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X for Dummies are book cover parodies of the popular For Dummies book series. The parodies usually contain the stated subject, followed by the title "for Dummies" and the series catch phrase "A References for the Rest of Us!" although this text can sometimes be omitted in favor of something more humorous. The cover is usually accompanied by an illustration of a triangular faced man pointing off in a direction or holding a CD (if the book is supposed to come with a disk), although sometimes the cover will have a more detailed illustration depicting the subject contained within.



The first X for Dummies book was DOS for Dummies, written by Dan Gookin and published by IDG books in 1991. The intention of the book was to be user friendly and simple to read, without any extra fluff or unneeded information. This straightforward method of teaching quickly caught on as a good idea, and more books bearing the For Dummies standard were published soon afterwards. Although initially geared towards teaching computer related topics, the For Dummies books soon picked up other subjects ranging from acne to chess.[1] This wide range of topics covered by For Dummies has made it very easy to parody, as any subject can plausibly be touched by a For Dummies book,


The exact beginning of For Dummies cover parodies cannot be easily traced. Due to the sheer multitude of book writers publishing For Dummies books[2], there is some difficulty in differentiating the difference between a genuine cover and a parody. There exist many different image generators to easily make For Dummies book cover parodies on the internet, without having to worry about formatting or finding the proper fonts yourself.[3][4]


"Oh God, why'd they have to put me on the cover with him?" AZUMANGA DAIOH DUMMIES FOR あ 1st Editio THE ANIMATION Reference for the Rest of Usl Ann Onimusms Author of 4chan for Dummies Learn about Japanese s----------- the fun and easy way! Discover the secrets of living on a diet of rodents in a space as big as a coffin! Visit us at 2241 Hideout Road Just outside of Tikrit HIDING IN HOLES FOR DUMMIES A REFERENCE FOR GL几ESS DICTATORS! ace it pal- life simply ain't worth living and you know it. This guide will help you to end the anyway, you worthless imbec Ha-as if someone is going to miss you Suicide DUMMIE.S FOR .well, you see, my wife ran off with our lawyer. Took the kids and all. I lost the car, and the house. Now I'n broke, homeless A Reference for no o except you ne What am I going ritten by: Oh, it's not important...

Run Like Nixon To Win Like Bush 2008 EDITION REPUBLICAN CAMPAIGNS FOR DUMMIES NOW WEB 2,0 COMPLIANT Time Tested Tactics for Beating Any Democrat "A true influenza pandemic is scarier than myspace.com crashing Reviewer, MIT Technology Review Pandemics FOR DUMMIES 3rd Edition Global Policymakers Includes advice on finding reliable information on the Internets. With full coverage of Mushroom Policy Tactics "How to keep people in the dark while feeding them s#@t !" tyto The fun and easy way to get un-dumb! Thinking FOR DUMMIES Youwreekha A Reference for the REAL Dummies! By Vampir1c FreakingNewS.com

INTERNET MEME MEME ITION KNOW YOUR MEME FOR DUMMIES LOG ON TO KNOWYOURMEME, C OM!! D THE CUIDE FOR HOW TO USING THE KNOW YOUR MEME.COM! V www.txt2pic.com it's not the people count. its the people who count the votes.--Josef Stalin419 THOUSAND VOTING ow Wi FOR DUMMIES Let Diebold choose for by Former Representative T Tom DeLay eyou-they will anyway thöse looking to hack the system! Fonward by Karl Rove Confused by Science? Just Say God Did It! Here's How Intelligent Design DUMMIES IS FOR

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