You Guys Are Just Mean

You Guys Are Just Mean

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You Guys Are Just Mean refers to an exploitable image of a teenager giving a powerpoint presentation wherein the main slide will state a potentially unpopular opinion while the subheading will read a variation of "You guys are just X."


The image originally read "I'm so tired give me an A" while the subheading read "Sad Students." The image was posted in various compilations of images showing "people who just don't care anymore" in the fall of 2015. For example, Pleated Jeans[2] posted the image in such a compilation on October 14th, 2015 (shown below).



It was first posted to Tumblr on December 14th, 2016 by user stacypartin[1] and gained over 730,000 notes. It began becoming an exploitable over a year later, in Spring of 2018. An early example of the exploitable variation made a point with Ke$ha's 'Tik Tok' was posted by user mutsukin in March of 2018 and gained over 64,000 notes, though the original post has been deleted (shown below, left). Another popular post from March of 2018 using the Legend of Zelda game Skyward Sword gained over 9,300 notes (shown below, right).

keSha's tik tok is a f------ bop i know im right Skyward Sword is a great game you guys are just mean

Other popular posts posts include a post from April 4th by user @pupcraft that went viral on Twitter made a point about dogs and cats gained over 67,000 retweets and 158,000 likes (shown below, left). Another popular post from Imgur made a point about Ready Player One (shown below, right)

Cats are good, loving pets Just don't know how to interact with a pet that isn't a dog you guys Despite its flaws Ready Player One was a good movie full of fun references that reminded us nerds why we love the things we love you guys are just mean

Various Examples

i dont need to pay my taxes you guys are just mean THEFUNNYMEWY Italian culture is actually really rich and interesting and can't be tied down to just pizza and pasta. you guys are just making jokes and that's okay none of your friends secretly hate you and their lives are richer for your presence in them you guys are jus depressed gay you guys are just gay you guys are just wrong marshmallow peeps aren't that bad you guys are just mean

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External References

[1] Tumblr via Wayback Machinestacypartin

[2] Pleated Jeans – I Just Don’t Care Anymore (time out)

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You know how we get this bland, repetitive memes and we joke about more "things I don't like" or "object labelling" and then someone posts "Wipe This Meme From the Face of the Earth"?

I don't even feel like we should bother this time. Just fuck off. Next.


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