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"Zozzle" is an Internet slang term often used on 4chan's /s4s/ board as a replacement for "kek".


While an archived thread has yet to be uncovered, "zozzle" is rumored to have originated on 4chan in a photoshopped "Top Kek" image with "kek crossed out and top zozzle check marked" according to Redditor Overswagulation.[1]

↑ [-] Overswagulation 5 points 1 month ago Random thread created with a graphic that had top kek crossed out and top zozzle check marked. I'm sad it caught on. It's cancer


On July 12th, 2005, Urban Dictionary[4] user Sammay posted a definition for "zoz" as "the opposite of lol." On August 31st, 2011, Urban Dictionary[2] user IMbarbieBIOTCH submitted another entry for "zoz," defining it as "a new slang term for 'lol". It is unclear if either of these entries have any connection to "zozzle" on 4chan.


On January 3rd, 2016, the /r/TopZozzle[3] subreddit was launched. On January 9th, YouTuber nashnul gografick posted a video titled "zozzle," in which a voice over narrator says "zozzle is the new kek."

The same day, Redditor SmartTechAdvice submitted a screenshot of a 4chan post asking viewers to "Zozzle" him to /r/4chan[6] (shown below).

File: zozzle.png (277 KB, 474x474) O Anonymous 01/03/16(Sun)02:35 08 No 661093329 [Reply],ー61003418-61003g 061096112 쯔661095532 쯔66100 661005912 661005129 쯔061095374 쯔6610953竝쯔661095600 Zozzle me fags (USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST Showing all replies Anonymous 01/03/16(Sun02:35:54 No 661093418 6109250S 쯔5510am 10/10 >>D Anonymous 01/03/16(Sun0236:35 №661093505 _s10sss1 fuck your forced meme I hope you get banned again, faggot Anonymous 01/03/16(Sun02 36 46 No 661093526 File: 1451807005574 ing (22 KB, 480x480) 、msuomi Can't zozzle the fozzle

On January 13th, the Bestof4chan-Lel Tumblr[7] blog published a comment from an anonymous user scolding the page for not writing "top zozzle" (shown below).

Anonymous asked 2016>Not saying "top zozzle" wtf is wrong with you 48 notes Jan 13th, 2016

On January 16th, The Para Network Forums[8] member Gh7st submitted a poll for viewers to vote whether they prefer "kek" or "zozzle." On February 19th, a Facebook page titled "4chan kek disguised as Zozzle" was created. On March 8th, a page for "Zozzle" was deleted from Encyclopedia Dramatica.[5]

Various Examples

forty ZozZies zozzlel ayy Imao Autistic -Unfunny -Summer as fuck Innovative Cool -Funny Used by: Spergy virgins chortling at insideat the jokes Used by: Chill dudes laughing aforementioned spergs zozzlemus maximus people who "Kek" people who Zozzle comet erti e Ih com HAHAHA GREAT POST MY FRIEND! WELL MEME'D

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