Car Influencer 'Koda' Sparks The 'Cancel Koda' Hashtag After Mocking A Person With Scoliosis

October 26th, 2022 - 2:46 PM EDT by Phillip Hamilton

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CancelKoda tiktok video, left, image of scoliosis, right.

Online car enthusiasts and community members are spreading the hashtag "#CancelKoda" in an effort to cancel car influencer @mavxmedia28, aka Koda, for purportedly insulting fellow car influencer @sky_z33 for having scoliosis.

The hashtag took off when TikToker @officially_wide, aka Dalton, posted a video, now deleted, sharing argumentative DMs between Koda and @maces2k, aka Mace, another member of the "CarTok" community.

In the DMs, which started midway through an argument, Mace suggested that Koda isn't cute and Koda responded, "I'd say the same about your little bf but yeeesh, he's tried so hard to fix himself but nothin will fix his r*****ed ass back." The video then cuts to images of Sky's back, captioned, "Think this is funny? F&ck you."

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According to a video by Mace shedding light on the situation, the whole thing started when Koda, whose TikTok account is now private, made a post criticizing people who wrap their cars in pink, saying, "I may be a car girl, but at least I don't wrap my car pink and put heart wheels on it." Commenters then started bashing Koda for her opinion and Koda allegedly started responding with "homophobic" and "sexist" replies.

Mace then went to a car show with Dalton and they were sent a video where Koda said she hates her. Shortly after, Mace reposted it because she "thought it was funny." The two started beefing back and forth, but it was "nothing serious." She then explained how Sky and Koda were "kind of friends" before all this, but said Koda ended up treating him "like garbage."

Things took a more serious turn after Mace posted a video revealing that she wrapped her car in pink. Koda started arguing with her about that, which eventually led to the text about Sky's scoliosis, inspiring the exposé video by Dalton and the hashtag #CancelKoda.

Car influencer @leyahjade, who was also with Mace and Dalton when the DM was sent, also posted a video talking about the situation, explaining how Sky has had multiple surgeries for his scoliosis and hasn't been able to heal it, although it was recently deleted.

@maces2k Replying to @officially_wide tiktok this is a joke. #cancelkoda @officially_wide @sky_z33 @leyahjade @Kizzy ♬ original sound – mace

The hashtag has since started to spread across CarTok as people call for Koda's cancelation over the comments in videos of their own. Some influencers are wrapping their cars pink in solidarity with Sky and his defenders. Others are simply confused as to what "cancel Koda" means, who Koda is and why it keeps popping up on their For You pages.

Sky has responded to the situation with his own TikTok, captioned, "pov you come at me for a disability I have ZERO control over" and shared his appreciation for his defenders, also writing, "I appreciate every single one of you that has my back."

Koda's account is still private at the time of writing.

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@tanners_life0103 I’m sorry @Sky💤 she will get what she deserves. thanks @Dalton ❤️ for spreading the word 💪🏻 #cancelkoda #cars #car #carcommunity #respect ♬ original sound – • anthony •

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